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How To Get There

17 November 2006 - 03:24 PM

I have been opening blogs/forums on what to put inside the house (furniture, oven, internet) while waiting for the legal process to finish. We have now paid the 10% deposit, and the house will hopefully be ours within the next month! :(

Since we do not intend to bring a car, I have started to look for air tickets on the net. Beginning with the economy airlines, which we used for our visit in October. They are now open for booking: the earlier you act the lower the fare. I have already booked our low cost return flight, which will be by end of April, when spring hopefully starts coming to Norway. They are not offering any south-bound flights for February or March and the only option seems to be Athens-Piraeus-Heraklion at non-discounted fares. Booking VIP-seats on the Minoan ferry will be done in January.

This is how far my search on the net has brought me. There might be better ways, so any advice will be received with thanks! :D

old viking


10 November 2006 - 11:06 AM

We are in the process of getting a holiday home in Crete, where we plan to spend a month or two in spring and autumn. The nearest internet cafee is 20 minutes by bus. I should prefer to have it in the house, and wonder what is available and at what cost? Email is the most important function, the Web would be nice.

I raised the same question in the last entry of my picture-blog "Filling An Empty House", but had no comments. I have later realized that the comment-option is turned off by the system operator. So I am now repeating my question in the forum, were comments are possible - and welcome!

Container Freight Or Buying Locally?

31 October 2006 - 05:52 PM

We have decided to buy a small house in Crete and will need furniture and other items to make it a home. We have been recommended to ship it from our home country by container, rather than buy it locally, new or secondhand.

We wonder if any visitor to this site has a similar experience. Any advice is appreciated.

old viking