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old viking's Blog > Heraklion Airport

Posted 23 June 2008

If you want to go to Heraklion airport by bus, you will be dumped on the roadside amidst heavy traffic. The Greek taxidrivers must have a strong union, we had the same problem in Chania international airport: no useful bus connection. Most important: we got our bag with the either downs inside!

old viking's Blog > Friends

Posted 23 June 2008

After having enjoyed delicious grilled goat with friends we accessed www.lostbags.com on their computer and learned that our bag was now in Heraklion airport.

old viking's Blog > Weather 3

Posted 23 June 2008

This is how we like it. The sun being reflected from Mirabello Bay.

old viking's Blog > Weather 2

Posted 23 June 2008

Other days started with a nice picture on the bedroom wall. We shall have sun!

old viking's Blog > Weather 1

Posted 23 June 2008

Some days were not smiling at us. The African fog hiding the sun and dumping their dust on Kritsa. The young bougainville can be seen on the right.