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In Topic: Sorrento Bar Agios Nikolaos

07 September 2006 - 11:38 PM

Hey...i got back from ag nik jus the other day...omg...how kwl was serento's!
The staff were brill especially yorgos (george), jack and mark! But i did think yanni was hilerious!

Mark and jack recently sed they miss me thru text which was really sweet!!
Me n ma m8 r plannin on goin bk for the end of season!

They are all mad....we all stayed up every night til at least 7 30 jus sittin on the harbour, in yorgos dads restraunt or down the beach! Thought i wud need 2 recover but i jus want 2 get back there n c em all again!

Anyways...any1 goin 2 ag nik will love it and tell mark n jack banana toe ses hey!