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In Topic: Moving To Crete

20 August 2006 - 03:06 AM

I am not retired at all but I will as John, try to help you. My answers are connected to my own personnal experience...

Is it possible to lease a flat or must you rent month by month.
We are renting a small house with a normal renting contract (lease for one years). But we also found people renting flat month by month with increased price in the summer.

What is the cost of living...bottomline?
Depends where you live and what you buy :D Chania is very expensive. South of the island is very cheap. Restaurants, bars pubs are cheap. Clothes and shopping (furtinutes, ...) not so cheap. I would rather say expensive. But the daily life : eating, going to the supermarket, buying a bread, is not expensive at all.

If you lease a flat, is it possible to sub-let during the summer months(a time when I plan to head to cooler climates)?
Depends with the owner. Need to be discussed with him.

Is Internet access as available as it seems?
In the north of the island no prob at all. Surrunding every big cities, you can get DSL connection. In the south, DSL is coming. Actually, the three providers offers 256, 512 and 1024 DSL connections. Those are still slow in comparison of US or France and so. But it works quite well. Despites, ADSL is really expensive !!!! Greece has within Europe, the most expensive prices for phone and Internet

Is a car necessary? Would a scooter do?
Depends again how you live. We do not have a car... but we live 10 km far away from chania and we can take a bus. If you live in the south or in the moutains, for sure, you need a car

How hot and how cold does it really get?
Not so hot here. The average temperature for the summer is 30 day... and night

What are the essentials one should bring?
... open-mind and happiness

In Topic: Just A Small Hi

08 August 2006 - 12:49 AM

Hi Yvonne,
I am not shy, just new on this forum, so as I do not know this place, I did not say that much :)
I am journalist working in Chania but not for greek newspapers. I keep working for French newspapers from home. So basically I work from home. I live in Close to Chania in a small village. I would perhaps make a good blog but I have no time for blogging. I have already so many things to do in a day. I also need to learn greek that I do not speak easily.
The first months have just been the best moment of my life.
What else ? I am round 30 and I think I have found the place to live here.
What about you, where ar you exaclty ?
Take care