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Wally's Blog > Paradise Is Over – Back To Galley

Posted 29 September 2006

Two weeks in Crete is definitely to little
Especially when you are dreaming to come back since you last left the island.
The ‘obsession’ increases when you finally plan your holidays (on September) and book the flight (by end of April).
You know what I’m talking about, right?

So, referring to the entry title when you are ‘rowi...

Wally's Blog > Last Days’ Excitement

Posted 28 August 2006

Our long waited holidays are rapidly approaching.

It is quite a long, since April, when we decided to visit Crete again and booked the hotel.
Somehow, we survived winter, dreaming of sun and worm sea.
Probably, Crete helped us.
I forgot to mention, that Crete is in our kitchen

Last summer in old harbor, we have bought the tray. It presents Cr...

Wally's Blog > August 1st – Good Date To Start…

Posted 01 August 2006

Hi, welcome to my blog :-)

My name is Włodek, but you can call me Wally, as it will be easier for most of you, visiting this blog. Hopefully :-)

I have wife, Kate - luckily, her name is easy to pronounce in any language :-) and 28 month old twins. Gabriela and Luke.

We come from Warsaw, Poland.

As you can guess, we love Crete :-)
That is why I g...