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? Genuine E-mails

01 July 2005 - 11:41 PM

Hello Yannis, I have just received two e-mails from Explore Crete, one was the news letter the other had an attachment. My computer warned me not to open the attachment as it contained a virus. Did it the e-mail originate from Explore Crete, if so can you re send without the virus.
Many thanks Tony

Fish Identification

09 June 2005 - 10:56 AM

Yannis, thank you for idendifying the Kaponi, I did look at the pictures on this site but missed the second page. The one I saw was only about 100mm long and looked like a childs brooch untill I went to pick it up and it moved ! I would love to see a fully grown one as the colours in the pectoral finns is quite spectacular. Many thank Tony

Car Hire

24 March 2005 - 09:52 AM

Hi Yannis,
Thought you would like to know that I have booked a car through this site with Athens Cars, very prompt and helpfull service, am looking forward to returning to Kriti. All the best Tony