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17 April 2006 - 12:25 AM

Hi Sheila and Lars

I think you two both helped me out when I originally posted for information on Marathi a couple of years ago - I know sheila did because I thought she meant real dolphins - I was a bit disappointed when I realised they were only stone ones as I was really looking forward to seeing dolphins swimming in the bay but had to make do with the submarines instead :huh:
We're heading back to mainland Greece this year a small seaside village called Gialova in Messinia, it to is uncommercialised and it has one of the best beaches in Greece - Voidikilia, which is in a protected area and its completely unspoilt no sunbeds no tavernas - heaven :huh: But Marathi and Crete remain a firm favourite with us the people are so friendly, the scenery is stunning and when we were there it was so cheap! We're looking forward to coming back one day.

In Topic: Marathi, Akrotiri

05 April 2006 - 08:03 PM

Thanks Yannis - I haven't been on this forum for ages and it's changed a lot but nice to know we can still access old posts ;)

In Topic: Marathi, Akrotiri

04 April 2006 - 09:33 PM

Hi Dave
I realise that you've decided not to stay in Marathi now but I've only just found this message and as we've stayed there thought you'd appreciate a reply. We travelled with Direct Greece and stayed at the Karpouzi Apartments 2 years ago - they are right on the sea front with fantastic views across the bay to the White mountains. The beach is beautiful sand and is sheltered from the strong winds and currents that seem to be everywhere else on Crete! It is very popular with locals from Chania so would get quite busy late afternoon and extremely busy on Sundays. Although you have the military and naval bases around you can't actually see them from Marathi but the jets do fly around usually morning and evening and could be pretty noisy on approach to the airport but certainly wouldn't put us off from going back.
It's a really beautiful place and we absolutely loved it there - hardly any other Brits, completely untouristy and sitting on the terrace looking out across the bay was heaven!

If you want to know anything else just let me know and by the way where were you going to stay as we've searched the net and can't find any accomodation at all in Marathi!


PS I did post a report about Marathi on the old Forum but not sure if that can be accessed now?