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In Topic: I Can Not Believe I Am Writing This

21 March 2006 - 05:37 AM

Isn't it up to Mac to tell us what source he meant B) If I wouldn't know better I'd thought this response came from Yannis. :unsure:

:rolleyes: Yes I mean the Gazette,Have not seen the other one yet.I remember only one ship per day would come in.Many open beaches.Now most have highrise bldgs on the.The main thing I found when I returned in 92 was that the people were the some as I knew them back in the 60's.Very nice and warm.I have been in many countries while in the military and none have been as great as the greeks.Now my wife and I are YAYA and PAPOU to our grandkids and love it.

In Topic: I Can Not Believe I Am Writing This

20 March 2006 - 04:59 AM

in todays sun newspaper, a big spread on a double, murder, in chania area, 2 retired brits killed in there house, over the weekend
who ever done this, i hope will rot in hell!

:rolleyes: I just joined this group and found the newspaper great.I married my greek wife in 1966 while stationed at the airbase in iraklion.The newspaper helps keep up on what is going on there.We will be in crete mid july thru aug to a good visit to her family.I can see that the island is not the same as it was in my day.Sure miss the beaches and above all the people.....MAC