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#7494 Restaurant Marianna, Mesa Potami

Posted by stevemack on 11 April 2006 - 01:22 PM

For those making the trip to the Lasithi Plateau, heading back to Agios Nikolaos, you will pass through a village named Mesa Potami. You cannot miss the Mariana Restaraunt, resplendant in it's blue and white elivery, with spacious car parking to the rear.

Every year we find the owner, nicknamed Onasis (due to the fact that he built this place on his own, and was held to be a great success among the villagers having earned his money at sea, saving it for many years in order to build the place)

The food is great, cooked by his pleasant mannered wife, and you wil be showered with mountain spring water, fruits from his fields (his garden as he calls it), delicious bread from the church and lots of annecdotes about his time at sea in Bristol and Pembroke.

Nice surroundings, pleasant company, great food (there are even 10 rooms available for rent which he usually rents to hunters in the 'off' season.

If passing, give it a visit...... make conversation with the owner (who looks not unlike Uncle Albert from Only Fools & Horses!) and he'll sit with you and chat 'til the cows come home - and if you smoke, he'll be pushing his Greek cigarettes on you forever!

Really refreshing change from the tourist places, even though it is a tourist place, and ask him if he knows where you can buy a hand-made wooden spoon.. his father in law makes them in a village (which you can't miss) on the way to Agios Nikolaos, and he is - apparently - over 100 years old.

Poetic license?............ you decide. But the spoons do exactly what a spon is supposed to do!

#7134 Jannis Golden Heart, Stalis

Posted by stevemack on 18 March 2006 - 12:02 AM

The Jannis Golden Heart is on Beach Road, Stalis - just past the small church, and on the opposite (seaward) side.

Run by Jannis and his wife, the establishment is perfectly run by the pair, with the Sean Connery look-alike Jannis taking care of the rear, seaward part of the restraunt, and his wife as hostess to the Roadside area.

Food is excellent - and remember, this is an Island where everything that is not home grown has to be shipped in. This means that things like peas, carrots etc will usually be tinned - but this is normal in a Bistro style eatery...... prices reflect this and the food, while very good, fresh and palatable, is more than accompanied by the warmth and efficiency of the service.

If you go back - and many many do - you'll form the impression that it's as cosmopolitain as one could expect in a package tour resort. No mean feat in todays market saturated with chicken and chips.

Jannis speaks fluent English, Dutch and German (and maybe even more for al I can tell!), and you will enjoy a genuinely european experience as you hear the hubbub of many languages as you dine.

The breakfasts are something to behold, they truly are. Five euros gets you more than you could ever possibly wish to eat - coffee, breads, meats, cheeses, tomatoes, full cooked breakfast, fresh orange juice, honey and grek yoghurt.... a real 'day starter'. If you manage one, do go back and repay the kindness by sampling the evening fare one night. You'll be genuinely remembered, genuinley welcomed and genuinley appreciated as a guest.

I look forward to dining there again soon!