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11 April 2006 - 01:06 PM

Hi Steve,

Did you get any support from this forum B)

Yes thank you,

I have been e-mailed prior to today about it, and just recieved an e-mail from from a gentleman who is about to recommend an english speaking lawyer in Agios Nikolias for me.

One agent told me that when I had found a property, they would take me to a lwayer ho would open all the acounts and do all the necessarry acts 'in one day'... I dont know if this is normal, but feel that if I am able to do these things myself, I wont need to pay a lawyer to do it for me!

Do you - or anyone else - have any time/ money saving tips, or are you aware of any pitfalls that are out there

You can mail me direct on [email protected] if you - or anyone else - wants to.

Many thanks,