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Aegean Airlines

11 February 2008 - 08:12 PM

The rumours that Aegean were planning to fly from Stansted to Athens have been confirmed with flights starting on 15th May.

Aegean news

Looking at the website they seem to start at €51.00 plus €27.92 taxes, so about £60ish, for a one way flight. At least it gives the anti easyJet brigade a small iota of solace. :lol:

Hello From Pete

09 June 2007 - 04:09 PM

Hi everybody & thanks to those of you who provide such useful information, both on here & elsewhere, to those of us who haven't as much experience.

Been coming to Crete for the past 6/7 years. My better half had previously visited Plakias but for my visits we've always stayed in Prina, a small village in the East between Istron & Ierapetra right in the middle of the narrowest part of the island. Managed a couple of times a year more recently but this year can fit in 3 trips!

Early July will be our last 2 weeks by the pool in Prina as in January we bought a small place in Kalo Horio (holidays as can't retire yet). Still need to sort a builder for the renovation as we've not finally agreed with the ones we saw at Easter, so will do that next month.

Dinny said in one reply about visiting all the other places you need to before coming to Crete as you'll always want to come back. How right that is. Have made some Cretan friends (I hope) on our visits. Still feeling guilty as one of them insisted on giving me his Komboloi (his best & he didn't like his other set) when I asked where I could by some decent ones! :)

If I want a blast of Crete anytime I just sit & watch my DVDs of "Who Pays The Ferryman" or "The Lotus Eaters". Wish I'd seen the island when it was was that unspoilt. But hey ho. Trying to learn Greek at evening class. Hopefully we'll have enough bodies for year 2.

Mad keen Southend United fan. But that doesn't make me a bad person! :D

Oh. And my posts will always be far too long.

B A Franchise Flights

27 April 2007 - 01:56 PM

I received my regular "BA sale" email a day or so ago & as we were thinking of an Octoberish trip to Crete I thought I'd have a browse.

The result being 2 x returns from Gatwick to Heraklion around the end of September/beginning of October for 204 inc taxes etc. I think 51 each way is a decent price, even after my trawling of the charter sites. There were many days in the latter part of the season (ends 30th Oct I think) at those prices yesterday & this morning, if that's of interest to anyone.