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Harris Parkell

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Memories Of Crete

04 April 2006 - 02:12 PM

A year ago, I solicited videotape from anyone who had been stationed at the American Air Base near Gournes. I simply asked people to share their fondest memories of their time on the island, videotape these memories and then send them to me, along with any old photos they want to have included. What I got are memories that make me nostalgic for Greece -- and Crete in particular. I enjoyed hearing the stories of adventures, of the great food and fun evenings spent with the locals in villages. For the past several months I have been editing these memories into a cohesive program. We're planning to show it on September 16th. If you're in the Annapolis, Maryland area at that time, you're definitely welcome to join us all for a night of Greek food, drink and companionship. More details will be added on my website as the time approaches: iraklion-able.com

Harris Parkell (Iraklion A.S. 1964-1966)