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In Topic: Naturism Near Makrigialos

25 May 2010 - 10:48 PM

Hi, my girlfriend and I stayed in Makrigialos in 2001 & 2002 and visited the Diaskari & Laganda beaches a couple of times. There was a nice taverna at the carpark next to Diaskari run by a young couple, and they also rented some hammocks under straw covered shelters on the beach. The Diaskari beach was never too busy but I don't recall seeing any nudists, but over the headland on to Laganda beach it was pretty much deserted - there may be 10 - 15 people along a 1km beach. This was where we first tried out nude sunbathing and we haen't looked back since. It's unlikely that you will offend anyone on this beach - from what we;ve seen in June, it's pretty isolated. There are further opportunities for nude sunbathing to the east of Makrigialos - you'll need a car however, but it's well worth exploring. Xerokampos is an exilerating drive, and there are a few beaches there where you can get naked. Again, you are not likely to see too many people on these beaches, but if privacy is your thing, you're going to the right place!

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18 April 2009 - 10:29 AM

My girlfriend and I went a couple of times in our 20s (6 - 7 years ago), and we throroughly enjoyed the place. There are a number of tavernas that line the sandy beach, and several more down by the harbour. Plenty of fresh fish on offer there. There are a few nice bars along the beach as well, most with good cocktail menus, and not particularly busy, although we were there at the end of June before High season. There are plenty of other nice beaches that you can either walk or drive to - up to an hour away. Sitia in the east is nice for a day out, and the beaches at Xerokampos are quite peaceful. You won't find any loud discos here, and there certainly won't be many club 18-30 types, but there is enough to kepp you entertained for a good couple of weeks.

In Topic: summer in crete

27 March 2005 - 11:32 PM

Ok, I can recommend Sougia on the south coast. You need to hire a taxi to get there and it takes a couple of hours - but it is worth it! It is a small village with no package tourists, however it attracts mainly independent travellers and backpackers. There are a lot of young people who visit there, mainly from Sweden and Germany, and at night you can be as quiet or as lively as you like. There are plenty of small bars/restuarants in the village, and a couple of small outdoor discos at the edge of the village which don't usually get busy until after 1am. The price of apartments varies - I think the last time we stayed we paid 35 euros a night, but this was probably the most expensive that you would pay. We have visited 3 times now and will go again in June. The temperature is just fine then - 26 - 32 degrees or so, but it starts to get hot towards the end of the month.

Try the website www.sougia.info - there are some pictures and details of accommodation, restuarants etc...