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In Topic: Containerharbour In Timbaki, Part 1

24 January 2006 - 11:28 PM

Dear all,
as I have bought a small house in Klima (north of Tymbaki) I am following the rumors about the container harbour from the begining.
And from that time on I believe it is totally uneconomic to build a big harbour there. All big container harbours I know provide further transport by ship (river), train and truck to industrial areas and agglomerations. I don't find this on the whole island of Crete. Even if the total import and export of goods (has someone data about it?) will be shiped at one port it will be cheaper to do it in the north of Crete where the big harbours already are.
A variation of the rumor is to build a port only for tranfering containers from large ships (problems to pass the Bosporus?) to smaller vessels. To do that on an island doesn't make economic sense either.
So I think Thessaloniki (routs to the Balkans and Black Sea) and Piraeus will be lucky to expand their harbour capacity as mentioned above.
Some facts about the ports of Gioia Tauro (Italy, just north of the Strait of Messina) and Algeciras (Spain, close to Gibraltar).