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Hello, can anyone plz help me?

24 July 2005 - 07:38 PM

HI, im new to the message board ive logged on seeking guidance and advice!
Im going to Crete in less than 3 weeks but instead of getting excited im filling with worry!!! Im 21 and its my first time away without my family, im going away with two of my friends (who are a little younger than me), ive never been to greece before and im getting a little scared. i know im mad but im worried i wont enjoy my holiday because i panic and worry to much about things! like for example getting lost, getting ill or hurt, having a horrible dirty hotel room, getting my drink spiked (Or even worse) all the possibilities of something going wrong are whirling through my head, i think reading *horror stories in magazines and watching holidays from hell on TV doesnt help lol. Ive tried talking to my friends who im going away with about my worries and they just laugh at me which upsets me even more.

I just want to know has anyone here been to Hersonissos? Ive heard its really nice but is there parts your advised to stay away from?
Im staying at the Irene Village appartments, can i find reviews of this place? I read all sorts of stories about doors and windows not locking and people being robbed or raped?

Im sorry to go on but i am really working myself up here, i just want to have a safe and enjoyable holiday and most importantly a relaxing one.
Its bad enough for me being so scared of flying! :oops:

well, you have two and a bit weeks to calm me down lol.
Im also wondering how much money should i take for one week? I dont want to be short.

mini minx xXx