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Bicycles rent on Crete

20 July 2005 - 10:59 AM

Hi all, once again.
I was really upset I cound not find any info for bicycle rent on Crete, only bikes (motorbikes) and cars... The thing is we do not have the rights to drive bikes even here, in Russia... This is no chance to rent ANY KIND of motorbike anywhere,then, isn't it?
Could you,please, give me some info about Bicycles rent on Crete? Where I can get it (near Rethimnon if it's rare) and how much is it?
Thank you very much!
Now in saint-petersburg is the same temperature as at CRETE =))

To be the savage on Crete?..

14 July 2005 - 06:58 AM

How is it going?
Does anybody know is it really hard to be the savage on Crete?.. I mean, I want to buy a trip to Rethimno or somewhere else, go to the hotel and make the headquaters there, but, then, I want to take a tent and rent a bike, and begin to travel on the island.
Is this really hard to realize? I read that it is forbidden to stay the tent where you want, isn't it? Could you give some advice on this? I do not want to stay the tent on the officially approved camp grounds.
Have you some information about bike rent on crete? how much is it?
Also, do you know something about deserted beaches on the north coast? Some cozy places, where you could swim, relax without any other visitors (or LESS visitors). Is it really hard to find?
Thank you! :)