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Crete TV on the web

10 August 2005 - 01:48 AM

I am sure this link will have been posted on here before, if it has here it is again for anyone (like me) that was unaware of it's existence


What club?

08 August 2005 - 02:33 AM

I have just seen the forum index ExploreCrete Club, testing an idea, so I clicked on it (being nosy) then I got "Sorry, but only users granted special access can read topics in this forum"
Now if that is not enough to make a nosy woman crazy I do not know what is. I wont get to sleep now tossing and turning wondering whats there.

Atlantis, has it been found?

08 August 2005 - 02:23 AM

For many years there's been much speculation about Atlantis, I believe that not too long ago there was some thought that Crete might be the place.
For some time now I have been following with interest the claims that Atlantis could be Cyprus, an American, Robert Sarmast http://www.discovery....com/index.html believes that it is, pretty much like all other researchers of other places round the world looking for Atlantis. He's now gained enough funding to continue his search after finding what he believes to be hard evidence.

There is much evidence to suggest that he might be on to something, but the one thing that stuck in my mind was that of all the celebrations in Cyprus, there is one not shared with Greece (not including war remembrances) that is the festival of the flood, Kataklysmos, why would Cyprus be the only island celebrating this event, many believe that Kataklysmos originated from ancient ceremonies in honour of Aphrodite and Adonis, but these are Gods also worshiped by the Greeks, so one would assume that Kataklysmos would be island wide (Greek wise).

A good potted version of what's been found so far can be seen at http://www.philipcop...m/atlantis.html

Animation file shows an approximate state of the Mediterranean basin before the great flood, separated from the Atlantic Ocean and spotted with lakes and lagoons. Atlantis can be seen in the eastern Mediterranean region, (Crete can be seen too) surrounded by an inland sea. http://www.discovery.../AtlantisLw.wmv Takes a few mins to load but worth the wait.

Check list against Platos story http://www.discovery...s_blueprint.htm scroll to bottom of page
Atlantis structures http://www.discovery...ures/index.html

I would be interested to hear other peoples views, it certainly gives food for thought

Off Topic

29 June 2005 - 05:04 PM

Totally off topic, and I will fully understand if this posting is removed.

The Cyprus news paper today reports that bodies have been found in Karavas near Kyrenia. If the remains turn out to be among those of the approximately 2,000 Greek Cypriots who went missing during fighting on the island between 1963 and 1974, they will represent the first success of the Committee for Missing Persons (CMP) since it was established in 1981.
The fate of missing persons in Cyprus has been a contentious and highly politicised issue since the division of the island in 1974. Earlier this year, tempers flared when excavations in the Turkish Cypriot-controlled part of Nicosia ended fruitlessly with the Greek Cypriot side accusing the Turkish Cypriots of withholding accurate data on the location of bodies of Greek Cypriots killed during fighting. The CMP itself has also been criticised for failing to deliver results since its inception 24 years ago.

According to news leaked to the Turkish Cypriot media, the bodies of what appear to be several people were unearthed by experts from the UK-based International Forensic Centre of Excellence for the Investigation of Genocide (INFORCE) on Monday under a tree in the back garden of a house in the village of Karavas, near Kyrenia.
The remains have yet to be identified and returned to their families.

Why did I feel a need to post this here.
Greeks and Cretans also went missing during the invasion, as civilians and service personal. And also it is good news for the relatives to know where thier loved ones are