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I want to make a surprise for my girlfriend - please help

26 May 2005 - 10:00 AM

I need some help :lol:
My girlfriend is now in Rethimno, passing her vacation.
I would like to make a surprise for her, sending a flower from me.
It would be very kind of anyone of you to buy a rose and bring it to the hotel reception with some note.

Please answer me, what can I do for you to compensate your time and
money.I'm a PhD student in Computer Science, so I can help you, for
example, in creating a web page, deep google searching , maybe some
programming or something like that.

PS: She is leaving Rethimno this Sunday ( 29.05), so if you can't do
it till Sunday, please forgive me for disturbing you

Please connect me [email protected] or ICQ 22350927

Sincerely Yours,
Leo A. Leontiev.