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02 November 2005 - 08:32 PM

Has anyone even been to or heard about this conference? I would like to go someday. Its held in Roustika near Rethymnon every summer. Wondering about activities, costs, and general impressions, etc?

Photo Album

24 October 2005 - 08:13 PM

I created a member album, but I have a problem I only now realized. I tried to upload my first image which gave me an error saying it was too large. I went to the help page and realized that the maximum size for pictures is 500KB, but all of my photos are too large. They are more like 700-900 KB, is there anything I can do to minimize their size? They are pretty large and very good quality (for zoom, etc), so I suppose that is why they are so large, but is there anything I can do to add them to this gallery?

Cretan Mantinada Lyrics

16 October 2005 - 07:36 PM

Hi, anyone on here who might know the lyrics to the mantinada "Astra mhn me malonete"?? I cannot make out all the words when listening and have been unable to find anything on the lyrics through search engines. I got close one time on a German website, but there was an error that popped up, couldn't understand the German though, maybe I had to be a member...it was very frustrating, I was so close!

Matala winds

25 August 2005 - 03:51 AM

This might be a stupid question, but.... I was just wondering to myself today. While I was in Matala (only two days) it was VERY windy, so much so that you couldn't really enjoy the beach. It was very wavy with a strong undertow and the sands were whipped against your skin and got in your eyes, very painful. My father said he remembered it being windy when he had been there before, a couple times in the 70s. Also, all the restaurants had plastic guards (which I hadn't noticed at any other beachfront) which they could easily pull down to block the wind and sand I presume. So, the question, is it usually pretty windy in Matala? to someone who knows the village (Dinny would be good to ask in a few months!) Maybe not so much so as when I was there, but generally? Thanks.

Restaurant in Chora Sfakion

02 August 2005 - 06:38 PM

I was curious if anyone on this forum was familiar with Chora Sfakion, and if so, would they by any chance be able to tell me the name of a restaurant I went to while there? The restaurant was the first (easternmost) on the main strip along the water, next to the minimarket/cafe. (it could be the second, but quite sure it was the first) I have searched online and looked at maps of Chora Sfakion, but it is still difficult to tell. It was either Delfini, Ombrosgialos, or Nikos' I believe, but am unsure. I suppose I should've paid more attention while I was there, but I am writing a journal and putting together an album and would like to be able to say which taverna it was, and besides that its just driving me crazy. If anyone lives in town and might know my servers were Manousos (a permanent resident from Mouri) and Vangelis. Thanks.