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Things for a young couple to do in Crete?

15 May 2005 - 05:18 PM

Hi, myself and my girlfriend are heading to Gouves at the start of June for 2 weeks. We are both in our early to mid 20s and are looking for more of a romantic break away than anything else. Unfortunately neither of us drive, so hiring a car is out of the question. However we both do intend on going on the odd excursion. She has mentioned we go on the boat trip to Spinalonga. I did some reading online in the last hour and am just wondering if one would need to be able to swim (out of their depth) to get the most out of this trip. For example I don't mind the water, but I cannot swim!, and the picture other people have put in my head with regards this trip is that the boat docks away from the beach, and everyone basically jump off the boat and swims to shore. Is this true?, or is the water only a few feet deep, where it would be possible to stand, right off the boat. Also is this trip more geared towards singles?

We are also not really looking for a crazy "drinking/singles" type holliday as we've both been on them before. Where are these kinds of places typically found so we can avoid. This time we are looking for nice places to visit, cuisine to try out, and perhaps the odd night out drinking. We both like dance clubs. I've heard they exist in Crete, where would the best dance clubs be, which play good dance music?

Thanks in advance for any advice/help you can give :lol: