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In Topic: Rent Rooms Sea Front in Rethymnon: Know anything about it?

25 April 2005 - 05:57 PM

Of all the budget hotels in Rethymnon, the only one I can find a valid email address or web site for is Rent Rooms Sea Front. For 35 Euros a night it seems like a good deal, though there's no way for me to compare that price to others in town because they are apparently not connected to the internet in any way. If anyone knows anything about this place I would appreciate hearing from you. Or if you can recommend another place with an email address or web site that would be great too. You can email me the links to [email protected] because I don't think you're allowed to post them here. Thanks.

I have sent you an email with link to our guide over Rethymno.


In Topic: Strangest weather ever in Crete!!!

25 April 2005 - 05:02 PM

You are right about 2001 but this time the phenomenon was more intense. The sky was covered by yellow clouds and there was no sun at all.

Rethymno was also covered in sand, but it was even worse one day in May last year!
Some photos here (site in Swedish)

http://www.calle.se/rethymno/15.htm (the day after)

I really felt sorry for the shop/taverna-owners, they really had to do some heavy cleaning the day after the sand-rain.