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Magnetic keys, beware your credit cards

08 June 2005 - 05:56 PM

Never put your apartment keys with your credit cards, neither in the same pocket or in the same purse: most apartment keys have a magnet in them, whose influence would comprmise in a second _all_ of your magnetic strips in your credit cards.
Keep this in mind :-)

I've been OKed

06 May 2005 - 03:47 PM

Wow, doctors said I can go to Crete this end of month :-) I am not 100% perfect but they said enough to go Greece and stay if I want to.
Wish me good luck, I had enough of my share of bad one in the past :-)
I'll start seeing into flights next week.
Hey Crete, maybe I am arriving after all. I'll try to be a decent guy, and to respect you and not to behave like a vandal on holiday LOL :-) Won't be difficult, I have never been after all :-)

Ouzo or Uozo, wait for me, for I wonder how it tastes. Ladscapes, wait for me, maybe I'll be there if I have no more bad luck! Beaches, maybe I can go jogging on you! Sea, maybe I can dive into you! Sun, maybe you can sunburn me :-) Bars, maybe I can have drinks at ur tables! Mountains, maybe I can climb a bit of you! Villages and towns all, maybe I can visit a few of you!
Bad luck leave me in peace for a while LOL, for I have been Oked!

Orthodox Church: what is it?

04 May 2005 - 04:02 PM


of course I can make a search on the internet search engines, but asking here is part of this search actually, seaqrch engines produce an exceedingly big throve of data at times, and maybe you have more direc, handy info about it.

Since I wanna be in Crete, I would really like to know a bit about orthodox church. Since I am very ignorant about it (I acknowledge my iognorance gladly when I am aware I have it!) I'd like to know these basics things:

0) When was the Orthodox Church "born" (approx.)?
1) What differentiates it from protestant streams? What differentiates it from catholic streams?
2) Does it use Old Testament and the Gospels both? Does it use st. Paul's letters?
3) How and when is a mass? Sundays? Does it look like a catholic mass? Is there the eucahristic cerimony?
4) Can one enter a church and just pray or is it considered unconvenient?
5) Does "confession" exist?
6) Does it allow for female priests?
7) Has it central headquarters, say like the Vatican, or is it more like the protestant church?

Thank you a lot for your possible answers and please be indulgent if they seem (as I suspect) a bit naive. But my ignorance needs to be dispelled LOL


What is your plan for your vacation in Crete?

29 April 2005 - 09:41 PM

Let's have sort of an informal test: what do you like more about having a vacation in Crete?

Ok, my turn: regardless the fact you may not believe the order of this list, it is sincere:

0) get a job: working and enjoying a vacation too is the best formula. It is the best of the two worlds. If you can afford staying out for months cause you have no particular strings home, you can't just be spending money like a machine: that would be ok just as long as your stay is within the 2 weeks span i guess - well unless you're a millionaire, and I am not LOL

1) Ah, jogging on the beach! I figure a long beach. I'll go there when it is truly warm, for I like jogging under a mercielss sun! Jogging, sweating a lot, then I can dive into the sea! Ah what else one may dream for? :-) And then laying in the sun to get dry, my feet in the seawater, like a sea lizard! Oh!

2) Skipping the rope under the sun! I love it! But not staying still in place but with a bit of leeway in some not too busy side road or alley. Skipping the rope and moving forward and backward ah! yes!

3) eating fish! yummy I don't know how expensive it can be, but arguably or hopefully less than here in the mainland of Italy: after all, Crete's an island! It's raining fish alleluja ahahaha.

4) Finding a small church. I don't know much about the Orthodox Church, actually it is one of the things I'll have to get informed about as soon as I can finally set a date of arrival. I saw a few pics of these churches that were amazing. I mean, I live in Firenze, we have many chuches here and course they are beautiful, they have been here for centuries, but those I saw in the pics in Crete are so particular, small, concentrated... It's so beautiful.

5) get to know greeks. I mean at least a few of them lol. If there is something that is good is feeling a cultural difference. I mean if one travels, one must not travel with the domestic "baggage", like say the usual italian who goes abroad and thinks all the time "hey were can i find a pizza or spaghettis?" ahahaha

6) Women. Well they are beautiful. In bikini they are even better LOL. I'll try not to drool _too_ much lol.

7) Nightlife: at 38 I have a _relatively_ minor interest in it: I spent 20 years, being not married, going out at night so I don't feel like I need to prove anything in that department any longer lol. But ah a lovely bar where I can sit and chat with the barman, or with the staff, and get acquainted, and see the beautiful girls getting in and out - or also a quiet bar in the afternoon to sip a long drink! Ah! I need it!

8 ) A few wild nites out. Well they are in the agenda, but if I manage to make a longer vacation self financing it, I won't need to make it frantic. A wild night has to be tasted and savoured, one should not get out of his/her mind after the first 45 minutes LOL. One should go out and then the real night starts at 2.30am. Beware hangovers though :-) Aspirine can work miracles LOL

9) drop a call to Gianluca or to Pia: they got enough of an ungrateful time. Remember your friends do not be unmindful of them just cause you're having some good time. If I find a decent and simple accomodation I'll see if I can say Gianluca, hey man, get over here a couple of weeks, damn it, relax yourself, have fun, get a break over there you damn need it! same for Pia if Gianluca can't. She works 12 hours a day to raise her daughter. A vacation is badly needed.

So it got long, well who cares, it's for the chat.

And your idea of fun?

PS ah I want to get a few margaritas too, and give my try to this Ouzo vs Riki (correct spell?) issue: i don't know either of them!

The Network Of the Casual Tourist In Crete

24 April 2005 - 11:39 PM

I've got an idea, that I do not deem particularly brilliant but after all a forum is also to fling ideas and see.

We are all going to Crete, one way or another, one place or another, one day or another. Thus far no doubt.

Many of us have in common one thing: never been there before, and yet willing to go. This, as hemingway would put it, "makes of all of us a big family" LOL.
of course, others are far more experienced, and yet we STILL share with them the fact we are about to visit.

Now, let's join forces.

Besides from looking for info on this invaluable website, why not trying to use this forum also to organize smaller networks of "the new tourist in Crete gang" LOL.

We don't necessarily have to find each other the most irresestible of the buddies, but after all we're all persons who like nightlife, otherwise we'd go elsewhere. This means we share a basic wavelength.

Who goes first could make what he/she knows available asap, regardless of what it is about: tariffs, hotels, whereabouts, bars, discos. A DIRECT experience report is infinitely better.

Who goes later can provide his/her email address so that checking at some internet cafe say once in 3 or 4 days, he/she can provide/request info to his/her buddies that he/she got acquainted/organized with in here.
Well, maybe also friendship ensues, but that is not strictly a requirement.

John goes to Crete on may 20, Jimmy on May 25. Jimmy stays in malia, John at Heraklion. Jimmy wants to go to Heraklion, and emails John for meeting and being helped out for about one hour to get acquainted with the sorroundings. Just that, nothing more.
makes sense, and requires no great efforts.

I understand perhaps not that terrific an idea, but the fact is, if one commits to kindly offer this type of minor help, we could all end up enjoying our stay in Crete INFINITELY more: John may say to Jimmy what a certain food is, or which restaurants he found cheap and good. Jimmy may recirpocate about Malia.

This all supposes we either keep contact here on a dedicated set of threads we do not lose sight of, or that we exchange email addresses, provided the cautions one must have before spreading addresses around in the age of spam!

If you like the idea, we could use this thread to figure out a few things we'd need and to start off.

For instance, I have the names of a few hotels that appear rather cheap: since we are NOT all going there on the same days, and since Yannis is NOT a travel agency (!), and since on hotel bookings no overlapping necessarily ensues, and we could share information about the ratio price/quality actual distance from beaches, whether one needs a taxi to find pubs and so on... well why not doing it?

well an idea, maybe not the best one, neither the worst one LOL