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Sea Rescue

10 June 2009 - 05:40 PM

A question:
Is it possible in Greece for an owner of a small boat (inflatables etc.) without VHF to call the sea rescue in different way?
For instance: in Italian coasts for small nautical purposes is operating the "blue number" 1530 for handy phones, in addition to "official" 16 and 12 channels on VHF, that is mandatory for bigger boats. There is may be something similar in Greek Seas?
Thanks ^_^

Coming Back To Crete

19 February 2009 - 03:56 PM

The ship enter in the Iraklio port, while the sun is rising

Posted Image

we just point to South Coast crossing the isle, while many of the "inhabitants" :) are still sleeping

Posted Image

.. coming finally to the last hill, from which the road drop until the Lybic Sea, that we see again with great pleasure.

Posted Image

Some more bends and here we are!
One pause in order to greet the friends ... we can have our deserved frappé, with the eyes lost in the blue of the sea and of the sky, and in memories bound to the place

Posted Image

then we can park the camper near "our" olive tree that, as usual, give us his shadow while we rest or we read some book

Posted Image

.. now it's really "home" ;) .


(sorry for my English .. but I hope the "spirit" is readable)