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#15472 Tourists Arrested In Malia For Dressing As "naughty Nuns"

Posted by armando on 26 May 2009 - 04:48 PM

Pictures are quite funny :rolleyes:


#15394 Unsold Flats And Detached Houses In Greece

Posted by armando on 04 May 2009 - 11:15 AM

May be many cretan (also italian!) agencies dont understand when their prices are out of marks :)
Some months ago I had to buy (quite agreed) a little house in south, but the transactions stopped when we came to Crete and realized that the house conditions were not aligned with the price. But after this experience I enlarged the search in agency sites on the Net.
The results seem to be:
- many veritable ruins, left years ago from previous inhabitants, in obscure villages at 10-15 Km from sea, are proposed at prices enough high to buy, in Italy, a good city flat with 2 bedrooms.
- It's very very difficult to find anything for sale near to the sea: is written "sea view" for properties that catch sight of some "blue" from 5-6 Km.
- The style of new constructions in Crete is in general horrible: enormous, or ripetitive, cubes of concrete at "only 10 min drive from sea", inexorably hanging over a common swimming pool :D ; may be Athens people like them.. but the architects think that we make 2000-3000 Km and accept living in a sort of condominium for have the chance of a swimming pool? We have as many s.pools as we want also here; but we need the sea.
- Prices of ground plots, and of many properties, make us thinking that some agencies did not change the amounts of advertisements from Dracmes to Euro :D
In Sicily or in Sardinia with ~150.000 € is possible to buy a 2-3 bedroom house with small garden, at 70-100 meters from beach! OK OK, in general I do prefere Crete :D for many reasons ... but I am not even a chicken to put in the oven.

Now I am changing mind, and beginning to think if could be better to put corresponding euros in some little property easily rentable here, and use the annual revenue for rent in holiday time some flat - house in Crete near the sea, also for more time each year in the future when I'll be retired; also taking in account maintenance charges, the need or a Greek "tutor", etc. and some risks coming from an environ not so "rules protected" and "stable".
I am really in doubt :D .

Γεια σας

#15312 Boycotting Pricey Coffee In Greece

Posted by armando on 10 April 2009 - 01:59 PM

For information, these are typical prices of coffees in Italy:
- espresso: € .90
- cappuccino: € 1.40
These prices are in northern Italy in a "normal" bar, standing up at the bank; 10-15% less in southern Italy.
Some more in touristic cities and resorts, and if sitting at the table.

I agree with boycotting action un general, but I dont think that only one day is enough