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News Flash: Ivan resurfaces in Paleochora!

01 April 2005 - 08:09 PM

I have heard from Ivan today (1 April) from a very windy Paleochora. He is on schedule and says that he has already sent his last reports to the webmaster. I expect that we will see them soon on both ExploreCrete and on Ivan's own website at
Gayner of the 'Haven' joined him in Paleochora for a visit. Now Ivan has left for today's walk (Day 32) from Paleochora to Kandanos. He asked me to spread the word, so here you've got it!
I hope that Ivan's supporters will continue to follow him along his route, and if you've not joined in yet, why not consider actually walking along with Ivan for several k's along the way! Think of the picture: several of you striding along with Ivan, his backpack and his walking stick, striding right into a village--what a strong and positive impression your action will make! Check out his website for possibilities.

Ivan walks from Sougia to Paleohora today

31 March 2005 - 12:00 AM

Take a break from your daily frustrations and join in something bigger than yourself. Anyone living in or loving Crete will love Ivan van Driesscher's daily reports from his 50-day walk around the island.
Reading them is like taking the trip yourself--landscapes, vistas, villages, flowers, wildlife, people he meets along the way--as well as his own trials as a voyager on foot on the roads of Crete, a man on a mission to raise awareness.
His written reports are fascinating, especially for non-Greeks. But his photos! Ah, his photos! They are professional and magnificent.
His reports are available in two places:
(ExploreCrete posts have maps with each day's report)

or Ivan's own website
http://www.crete-in-50-days.com (link to reports on homepage)

His photos are on http://www.crete-in-50-days.com
Go to Menu>Gallery.
You will not be disappointed, and you can feel the freedom and expansiveness that comes when you contemplate that Ivan is spending 50 days for a vision that is far greater than himself.