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17 February 2006 - 12:30 PM

I am certainly aware of the excellent Crete Gazette site and it was remiss of me not to include a link. Just pressure of trying to get the site live in a relatively short space of time! It will be rectified today! :)

In Topic: Any suggestions for tracing ancestors - Spathaky - Spathakis

10 June 2005 - 10:55 AM

Hi again David,

Since writing the above, I've been doing a little digging and can tell you that in 1901 the following were living in Cardiff:
Albert SPATHAKY age 13
Alexander SPATHAKY age 16 - apprentice printer compositor
Harriet SPATHAKY age 23 - stationery shop assistant
and at a different address
Rose SPATHAKY age 21 - hotel assistant.

No sign of the family on the 1881 Census, but indexing isn't always perfect or the family may just have been away.

However, the following deaths are recorded in Cardiff:
George Aristides SPATHAKY age 3 - in 1885
Antonio SPATHAKY age 40 - in 1889

I can't find a birth for Antonio, but can find his marriage at Cardiff in 1875 to either a Jeanette MARKEY or an Emma TUCKER - you will need the certificate to be sure which.

Now I suggest we take this discussion off the ExploreCrete Board before Yiannis throws us off as it is somewhat off-topic!



In Topic: Any suggestions for tracing ancestors - Spathaky - Spathakis

10 June 2005 - 09:18 AM

Hi Dave,

My own inclination would be to start with the death certificate of the oldest member of the family you can find. This will give you either their age at death (not always 100% accurate) or their date of birth, though not where they were born. You can access the indexes and obtain copies of certificates at www.1837online.com - this is not a free site, but neither will it break the bank!

The latest searchable census is for 1901 at www.1901census.nationalarchives.gov.uk - you can do a name search for free, but have to pay for images of the household.

The 1881 Census is online free at www.familysearch.org - the availability of other censuses varies.

As regards Greek genealogy, I know absolutely nothing! I'm sure Yiannis or someone else on this site will be able to tell you what records, if any, are kept by the Greek government and the Greek Orthodox church. If I can be of further assistance on tracing the UK end of things, by all means get in touch using the "Contact Me" section of my website, The LONGMORE Pages, at www.msheppard.com