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#16846 Marilyn Monroe's Exhibition

Posted by charis on 30 March 2011 - 03:21 PM

"Marilyn Monroe in the arts" is an exhibition taking place from 16 April-30 October , at International Exhibition Center of Crete, at Gouves

She is the most popular icon of our time. Almost half a century after her early and tragic death, her visage is unmistakable, her image clear. Marilyn Monroe – all-time glamour goddess, sex symbol, muse, dream girl. She shoot to fame in the 1950s as the first “custom-made” Hollywood superstar and became the leading idol of her times, beloved and envied for her beauty and charm. Her sensational body, dazzling smile and flirtatious appearance but also her femininity, naiveté and vulnerability added to her unique power of attraction. Irresistible to anyone, a legend in her lifetime, the myth of Marilyn Monroe became eternal when she died in1962. At the young age of 36 she left the stage of her glamorous life as film diva just to enter into a new set of spotlights. Her mysterious death left room for speculations and stories and conserved Marilyn immortal.

“Marilyn Monroe in the Arts” captures the celebrity and the myth of the most famous women of the 20th century with 200 works of art spanning the last six decades. The show brings together an incredibly diverse array of artistic responses to the Marilyn persona – from her greatest photographs like the “Subway grate scene” to her most famous image by pop artist Andy Warhol. Mel Ramos, Peter Blake, Eve Arnold, Mimmo Rotella, Sam Shaw – 80 world-famous photographers, painters, sculptors and media artists celebrate and uncover the many sides of Marilyn Monroe and her myth. The photographs recount her changeful life, picture her in public but also reveal her secret private moments. The artworks penetrate her biography, question her identity and image and illuminate her timeless status as a cult figure.

A visual voyage of Monroe’s rise to stardom, the art show traces the transformation of the natural, fresh brunette Norma Jeane Baker into the artificial platinium blonde Marilyn Monroe – a hot product of the Hollywood dream factory. Entertaining, thoughtfully and educational the exhibition explores the roaring 1950ies and 1960ies and shows how film-studios, the media and the modern society could turn a young girl into a world star. Depicting Marilyn Monroe’s popularity and uncovering her hopes, fears and unfulfilled dreams the show also brings up the dark side of stardom.

 most popular woman our time
 glamour goddess, sex symbol, dream girl
 flirtatious, naïve, vulnerable, depressive, drug addicted, suicidal
 from natural brunette Norma Jeane to artificial blonde Marilyn
 superstar, hot product of the Hollywood dream factory
 mysterious death and immortal myth

 200 exhibits – great artworks, famous photographs, entertaining media
 80 artists – big names and young stars
 illuminating the unbreakable popularity
 Marilyn’s public life and secret private moments
 Monroe’s identity and image
 unveiling the myth and the dark side of stardom

A visual voyage of Monroe’s rise to stardom! Discover the many sides of the most famous icon of the 20th century! Entertaining and educating!