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In Topic: By Car To Crete: Info About The Ports Please

30 March 2012 - 12:14 PM

I liked Olympia also very much.
The idea of running through the tunnel where more then 2000 years ago athlets passed through on their way to eternal glory... or shame.
It almost feels like sacrilege.
We will be in Crete again with Easter holidays. This time by plane.


In Topic: By Car To Crete: Info About The Ports Please

25 September 2011 - 09:41 PM


we 're back in Belgium for a couple of weeks now.
The trip to Crete by car went very well and the information was very useful indeed.
The Gotthard tunnel was no problem. We were there at 3 am on Saturday 30-07. We lost only 20 minutes there.
Then I made the mistake to rest for 2 hours in Italy. When we started driving again Italy had turned into one big trafic jam!
I drove as fast as I could and we arrived on time in the port.
It was a good tip to take luggage for 1 day in a separate bag.
The boat (Super fast VI) was very luxurious. Relaxing at last!
We spent one day at the Peloponessos, in Olympia. Very impressive.
Then to Athens where we saw the Acropolis from the outside and consecutively to Pireas where we took the Olympic Champion to Crete.

I read that you stay in Kritsa. We stay in Sissi. That is not so far. We go shopping in the Lidl a couple of times when we're there.
Lovely area. It makes me start dreaming that I was there.

Thanks again! Efcharisto poly!Attached File  DSC05559.JPG   2.28MB   6 downloadsAttached File  DSC05520.JPG   2.1MB   4 downloads

In Topic: By Car To Crete: Info About The Ports Please

16 July 2011 - 01:06 PM


We have made a similar trip many times and have just arrived in Crete - I will send you a PM.

Regards Yvonne


the information was very useful.
Efcharisto poly.
I will post our experiences when we get back.

Best regards,