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In Topic: A Builder! Cretanagora Or Agent!

05 October 2009 - 08:41 PM

Its been a waste of posting to you,for some reason in your life you have to try and prove your right.!!!
Its explained clearly why trust me could not post,its sad that can count the last post.
Its likely you lead a very lonely life,possibly been bullied for most of your life.
Its the PC that you can barrack and bully from then hiding behind the keys,gives you a thrill hey don't it.
Its a pity that you would not stand up for yourself years ago, bet behind closed doors you were hell to live with.
Its most likely you would do better writing a guide book entitled How to not make friends, or Why do people not like me.
Its certain your reply in your monotonous key tones,type,sad,type,sad,bet it makes you feel good hey now you can bully back no one can see you boo.
Its now time to go your not worth anymore time,this is a must for your new years resolution GET A LIFE.

In Topic: A Builder! Cretanagora Or Agent!

05 October 2009 - 02:54 PM

Hello John
What made myself and others angry you jumped in with two left feet, at that time getting onto the forum became a problem IE filling a A4 paper answering all points to a statement,then being told unable to deliver spoof alert all that typed letter gone.(typing one line sending it very quickly no problem)
So we tried another way this time a friend who is also having problems with with the same company,joined the forum started to send in part statements from others with problems with the same company so sending snipetts to the forum worked.
In the mean time trust me was trying to re-register,to answer the statement sent in to the forum.
That's where you jumped in with two left feet it appeared to us you had no regard to peoples feeling those that have been mentally hurt by that company for many years,you did not have the right to say what you did about us you had no idea of the companies history of course you have a right to free speech.
You asserted yourself by saying the company is right because we had not returned answers to him, it was you who stopped the our right to reply.
Some may read this and say must not argue but this is not a argument John this not a duel, this is peoples lives who got sucker punched what is said here is this please try not to goad and if your having a bad day feeling angry remember who your angry at and not take it out on people who right now are at their lowest ebb.
Please understand this not name calling message.

In Topic: A Builder! Cretanagora Or Agent!

03 October 2009 - 06:06 PM

Post removed by moderator Tim. Lets keep it friendly and polite- whether or not we agree with one another.

In Topic: A Builder! Cretanagora Or Agent!

02 October 2009 - 09:58 AM

All i asked for was what are Cretanagora,your reply is some what surprising anyway thankyou for telling me they are not builders so in that case i will avoid them.I do not trull the internet for forums i have no idea what you are saying,so why do you comment that these are no concern to you!,i might have have spoken to Cretanagora in the very near future but your comments are a red flag so the saying goes no smoke without fire.

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