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28 August 2009 - 09:46 PM

thanks Tim an Ishall for your replies there, to be honest everything you wrote there didn't surprise me at all, my mum keeps saying bout how hard it is as she works an she doesn't want us uprooting an then regretting it, my hubbie has been offered diving work out there . . seasonal though but he is prepared to travel for the winter diving thats been offered too (he's a rescue diver) he is also a class one driver so he would be prepared if need be to pop back here for a couple of months to get some funds, but an offer has been made for him to maybe work on the bin lorries! would be handy through the winter period.

as for me i have been in touch with the oxford home learning which means i can teach dan at home while being in line with the national curriculum back here an my son can do online learning sending his assessments back to be marked etc, still gets to do his exams to, an he'll be doing his padi courses from 12 too, i am qualified to work in the beauty spa's so i thought maybe have a look around the big hotels, again i appreciate its seasonal but thats also something i can do from home part time an my mum will mind my son, but i plan to put him through a proper greek class, i know it'd be too cruel to dump him in a greek school.

i think sad as i sound the only thing to stop me would be my dogs, they're from our own litter an i couldn't part with them, i've always said you get a dog it's for life not til they're inconvenient then get rid, so they're with me for life my mum said they shouldn't be a problem she knows people who rent apartments with dogs so fingers crossed.

i think if it didn't work out i still wouldn't come back to the uk, with hubbies diving could go elsewhere, do you think the seasons bad cos of the recession?? surely it's picking up now though, i remember the last one and that didn't last long.

so ishall - are you a greek national or expat??

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27 August 2009 - 11:44 PM

Tim, thank you for replying, my mum has been asking about the schools, there is a greek school there, we could be headin to heraklion due to the international school there, plus hubby possibly doing his dive master course there, as we both plan to work, as for the dogs, i know about the greek attitude there an the poisoning there, can't believe that, my dad lives in turkey an they take the strays in an spay/castrate them then tag them to keep an eye an all the hoteliers feed them, i've never seen such well fed strays! but i do realise it's an issue, thats the greek way of life an something i would have to get used to - and be extremely careful!

i replied to your post bout the animal cruelty vid earlier not realising it took place in greece anyway i went off on a bit of a tangent so, i'm sorry about that.

how long have you lived in crete?

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27 August 2009 - 10:22 PM

it's the general state of the uk as a whole i think just like why oh why did two 10 year old boys kick an punch a 5 year old girl an spray deodyrant in her face to be caught just as they were trying to light a match to her lil face . . she has a brain tumour to top all that!

also why a group of lads again only young - bout 10 / 11 yrs hung a 7 year old boy - luckily he was rescued by an older lad who scared the lil s**ts off!

it scares me to think whats the uk gonna be like when my lil boy is older - people - children doing this to other children never mind what they do to animals - makes my blood boil!

the uk schooling system, justice system and the uk government are failing everyone no wonder the english are leaving in droves! just as we are - i refuse to pay taxes to a government who are prepared to let loose the likes of baby P's mum with a whole new identity and rehousing and protection and use my money to do it, i don't think so! an then there's the lockerbie bomber . . . .oh don't get me started on that one!!!!!!!!!!!!

but hey god help us if we don't pay our poll tax or car tax eh!

and reeelaxxx