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In Topic: Going To Crete 4 Weeks! Really Can't Wait Any Tips For Us? Or Must Go...

18 August 2009 - 11:35 AM

Hi, thanks for the replies. Firstly i need to appologise, we are going on 4 weeks, but unfortunatly only staying for one week ;)
we are staying at hersonisos hotel for the duration of our stay. my partner loves seeing all the rural type 'sites' and i love quirky markets! we defenatly want to do a boat if there not too expensive?
i have been to rhodes befor, while there we did hire a car and took a nice driver up the mountain, maybe we could do this here, you say you dont recommend the two wheels?? do they drive a bit 'nutty'? we are gain to try anything really, i saw a post about a greacian night out, sounds like something i would like to see :)
we're not your average 18-30's but might try out the clubs for one night, just to see whats its like...
thanks for replies :D