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Sunset Photos From Crete

10 December 2010 - 11:29 AM

Hi Crete Photographers,

Wishing to obtain a quality picture of a typical Crete Sunset, so I can create a Photo Canvas or similar for my living room.

Amateur photograher myself (www.cliffastles.co.uk). Have a couple of Albums on Members Albums also.

However, when on holiday I have only use my "holiday" camera, and as such only have small Jpeg Images ( 2 to 4 gbyte images), hence these are not quite big enough to create a good sized photo canvas.

Anyone prepared to help ?

Cliff Astles

Cretan Photos For May And June 2009.

24 May 2009 - 05:50 PM


My normal practise these days {(amateur photographer for some 50 plus years (but now retired)}, is to concentrate on my "retirement hobby" of taking photos for my own pleasure.

I still do have an Internet Photobox Gallery(see home page for this link), but this is no longer used as a commercial site.

MOST, if not all of my photographic work these days is to loan my skills and experience (such as it is) as a Volunteer Photographer, to my local community, and placing these onto this site for all to see, fro FREE.

However, a great deal of this work involves taking pictures in public, shows, parades, music, dancing etc, plus my holidays, where try to ensure that any of the people / artists / performers have FREE access to use ANY of my photographs that may be suitable for people to use for their own personal use, or for company marketing / press / prints for friends etc.

Therefore, ALL photographs taken this time in Crete will also be FREE to any person or company that wish to have them.

This offer is open to any person, company, travel agent, hotel etc, and is NOT limited to number of shots.

Any jpeg requested would need to be sent out via e-mail, within reason as to quantities for this type of service.

However, should larger quantities be required ( eg 25 to 50 photo jpegs) then I would be quite happy to make a CD and send this out for them, at COST. There is NO COST for my time, or the technology used to send these out to people.

Typical, jpegs copied to the CD, plus CD, plus post and packaging in the UK, costs some £ 1.50 uk pounds.

Obviously, postal costs would be slightly more to send the CD to the USA or New Zealand, costs TBA, but not much more.

Contact by E-mail is the only way I can accept any such requests, BUT ALL will be taken care of, in time.

I have done this very many time before, and it works !! Many of my photos have been used in magazines / marketing brochures / press etc. Obviously, if the photo is to be used "commercially" I would like to know, beforehand.

My contribution is just being in the right place, taking the photo, with a small amount of my time doing the photo processing, and uploading to the Internet etc.

Please do enjoy my photos, as much as I enjoy taking them, particularly in CRETE.

Look forward to hearing from you all, perhaps some time end June / beginning July.

You never know, I may be lucky enough, to actually get photos of a traditional wedding. ALL Photos & Jpegs FREE for that !!

PS This offer is open to Yannis, as are my last years photos of CRETE.


Traditional Cretan Village Weddings.

20 May 2009 - 11:46 PM


Myself and my wife Barbara will be in Crete, staying in the area of Gerani, from May 26 th until 09 June 2009.

We have access to a vehicle, and will therefore be able to venture over most of the Island.

We would very much like to be made aware of any Traditional Cretan Village Weddings that may be taking place during our short stay, so that we may hopefully be allowed the opportunity of being able to take photographs.

Short time before we arrive, I know but we will be able to obtain any information whilst we are in Crete, have Laptop access, and will therefore be able to retrieve any e-mails sent to us, re this topic.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance.

Cliff Astles.

Road Works, From Askifou To Hora Sfakia !

17 May 2009 - 12:58 PM

Having decided to take a drive from Gerani, to Hora Sfakia, via the newly refurbished road, I was pleased to find that the journey was better then I had expected (road condition etc). We had a nice stop, coffee, cake etc at the first cafe' in Askifou, and as usual, out with my camera to take some shots, of the village from this high vantage point.

We then continued southward to take a leisurely drive to Sfakia, around the plateau, very, very nice, and taking in all of the beuatiful views that are to be had on this journey, as always in Crete.

THEN, just around the next corner, WOW !!!, am I dreaming !!! what is that I can see just ahead ???

A big cloud of dust, hiding, what turned out to be something I had never considered would actually be going on in Crete, at such a busy holiday time. A long line of BIG lorries and road maintanance vehicles of every size and description were busy, "recreating", not just maintaining, the road ahead.

The actual road at this point, is not only quite narrow, but has natural steep and rocky sides (as you would expect), but also has (if you are bold enough and dare to look away from the road ahead) quite stunning, Cretan vista, with a drop, at some places, down to the bottom of the valley floor. ( Keep you eyes on your driving, and the road ahead) comes to mind, for me anyhow, at my age !!

What I had expected on the journey anyhow, was narrow roads, tight and steep bends etc, BUT as I enticed my wife to come with me for the day (she does NOT like heights, at ALL) she was by this time very very upset with me, almost in a state of panic. I am NOT coming this THIS WAY !!! is something I still have ringing in my ears !!

However, after what appeared to be forever, we finally got passed the roadworks, and had a very nice day in a wonderful place. I would like to go again, this year, May / June 2009.


Looking forward to some quite quick replies.

Thanking you in anticipation


Photos From Crete 2008

13 May 2009 - 11:26 PM

For anyone that may well be interested, there are still some 300 plus photos still retained on my Photobox Gallery Page.

They have been there since returning last June / July 2008.

I find I just cannot remove these photos, every one has a beautiful memory, and I cannot wait to get back in TWO WEEKS, to do some more of my favourite place to be on earth.

They can be VIEWED for FREE, and jpegs will be provided FREE, just post and packaging, or via e-mail to me.