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In Topic: I Want To Change Things In Crete - Am I Wrong?

16 November 2009 - 09:18 AM

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<_< Hello! I want to adopt every animal I see. That's why I want to find a nice little farm with an orchard. Unfortunately my husband, the city boy, thinks I'm a bit off my rocker! I understand your tender feelings for animals, they too are beings with souls after all.

I recommend (in Greece, anyway and here in Chania) working with the veterinarians in your community. They love animals and they like to have support as they attempt to help the animals in the community.

The identification chip has really been a huge relief to both pet owners and vets. When you rescue an animal from the street or dire straights a veterinarian will be able to find the ID on their integrated data sheet for the whole country or learn that, perhaps, the animal has no ID chip.

Vets are the first place to go and the best people to coordinate animal support actions. When my older daughter moved to Athens, one of the first things she did was find the first vets office in case she found a lost dog.

Vets are people, too, so take the time to meet a few and find one with whom you can work with easily.

Many times self proclaimed animal saviors from foreign countries have perpetuated hunger and abuse to animals while advertising that their actions were kind. Like in any project - watch out for charlatans.

In Greece often neighbors get together to pay vet fees to make sure wandering dogs have had the proper vaccinations.

No easy answers but many people have the same intent for happy, healthy animals so there is plenty of hope. :)
Granita To Go

(Generally in any neighborhood around the world, including Greek neighborhoods, it is best to approach a finding a solution to a problem as a community project.
So saying to a Greek, "You should do this, Or what doesn't Greece to this, etc." isn't going to help a situation.
Greeks know more about their own neighborhoods and the problems therein. Someone might be well advised to start a conversation by "What would you advise me to do about a problem I'm having with or . . . a situation I would like to help improve.")

In Topic: Unsold Flats And Detached Houses In Greece

17 October 2009 - 11:36 AM

Attached File  playing_in_the_sea_waves.jpg   120.52KB   8 downloadsHello all, hello Armanda, I tried to add a photo and lost my reply. Story of my life! But I will try again.

We rent a house now and have rented the same house for about ten years. This is a good time to rent. The prices are good. Many families build with the idea to rent and then when they need the place for a family member, they will no longer rent. I'm happy to rent also because I don't have the time nor energy for the upkeep. Our landlady and her family are very good about taking care of the house and garden.

The real estate situation has many complexities here on Crete. I am puzzled by the franchises, such as the one real estate company from the u.s.a. that has started a franchise here on Crete. When this company was in bankruptcy in the u.s.a. the effect here must not have been positive.

The block on block design of houses and cookie cutter look is very common in the u.s.a. Perhaps it's used here for the same reason - the idea that more profit is possible by scrimping on creativity.

I enjoy hearing about your experiences and learning from others.

In Topic: Unsold Flats And Detached Houses In Greece

17 October 2009 - 10:41 AM

Attached File  Koiliaris_River_view_2007_smallest.jpg   12.86KB   6 downloadsI understand you have strong feelings about Crete's water "Crete Expert" but please consider some other impacts on water use.

When in Crete please respect the water. Water is a precious commodity and as the climate shifts water will become more precious. Drought is one of the largest problems looming over the European Union. Fortunately Crete is working on the problem and many scientists and engineers visit here to discuss solutions.

The water company is working on the infrastructure so you will often see workers repairing pipelines or digging necessary wells.

There are many more issues impacting water - not only infrastructure. Perhaps you would enjoy reading about one of the projects the Technical University of Crete is researching. http://www.cretegaze...iaris-river.php From this article you will get an idea pf the amount of detail used to gather data.

Another problem that being monitored so solutions can be developed is the problem of the possibility of salt water intrusion.

"Water harvesting" is becoming more popular for home gardens. Water harvesting is for example, catching water in barrels from rainfall.
Another popular way to save water is to use 2nd use water to clean walls and paths which are out of doors. All one needs is a bit of common sense to find many ways to respect water.

The agricultural use of irrigation is a theme that is under a lot of discussion. Perhaps you have read about it in your local paper or heard the discussion at your city hall.

It's important to report leaking pipelines to the water company.

In Topic: Mouskouri Sings Hadjidakis

08 September 2009 - 11:43 AM

You would probably enjoy this new web site

the site is in English and includes translations to English of the Greek lyrics.
really fantastic!

In Topic: Unsold Flats And Detached Houses In Greece

08 September 2009 - 10:19 AM

Dear Armando, Ciao!

I know there are people in Crete building sustainable housing with interesting materials. Such as straw for insulation.

If you could afford a piece of property, there exist here innovative ideas for building. Also there exists software so you can design your own home. So you have plans to give to a contractor if you decide to use one.

I think you would like Crete a lot. there are many Italian products here (such as furniture and medicines).

I don't know if you have children or are in super great health but if you need a doctor here I have found the best and they all studied in Italy. Also my pharmacists studied in Italy. So you would not have a language problem.

& lots of Slow Food interests such organic fresh fruit and vegetables and other food types.

Here's a a short film on Building with straw and I think you will see how nice a house like this might be in Crete for a summer place.
(The film is in English with an example of a house building in Germany. There are many other films for alternative design and building ideas at the same site.)

"Over 40% of the world’s energy consumption is accounted for by building and the maintenance of building. This film takes a look at how by using bales of straw, we can construct the most complex of buildings that are sustainable and affordable."

maybe this will help you come up with an idea so you will be able to make your dreams in Crete come true. :)