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Granita To Go's Blog > The People And The Sea

Posted 11 November 2009

I've come to believe that people who live within sight of the sea are able to recognize more easily the shades of gray in our lives and our decisions.

Granita To Go's Blog > A Day To Be Spent On The Balcony

Posted 23 October 2009

Good morning!
Another very beautiful day in Crete. I have trouble leaving my house because I have the best of all worlds here. Inside the house is comfortable and cool. Outside the temperature was just right all morning here on the front balcony (on the west side of house). Here we have the best view of the sea.

Now the sun is starting to nea...

Granita To Go's Blog > Weather: Sometimes Hot, Sometimes Chilly

Posted 17 October 2009

Hello, hello. So good to be back .
I was going through a painful loss. My younger brother passed away totally unexpectedly. Terrible shock. I still have trouble with accepting what has happened.

But now, I am well enough to write again. It's best to "get back up on the horse as soon as possible" everyone says.

We've been having won...

Granita To Go's Blog > Days Of Nice Rain And Coolness

Posted 11 September 2009

Two more days of great rain. Still soaking into the soil at a slow rate. Today and tomorrow we should have more of the same. The water table of Crete should be replenishing very nicely.

Turkey has had a terrible tragedy with six months worth of rain in two days. All over the world the same problem with flooding is repeating itself even in my lovely...

Granita To Go's Blog > Bare Feet And Marble Floors

Posted 09 September 2009

We've had rain each day of the last three days! Early morning Monday seems to me to have been the best kind of rain. The rain lasted a long time and thoroughly soaked into the ground.

Today is the first day since spring that I haven't been barefoot on our marble floors to keep cool. I'm wearing socks and slippers . . . and a sweater...