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11 April 2009 - 04:23 PM

Hello, I'm new on this forum, had to register when I found this thread. I bought the Babylon translator last year and found it quite useful, but wasn't able to judge the quality of the translation. First I installed it on my work computer (in my home office). Then I installed the software on another computer at home with the intention to move it there. Then it became clear that they monitored my computers and prompted me to pay for the software once more. I didn't mean to violate their rules, but it was not possible to get it right again. Then I found a forum on the Internet where many angry Babylon users told their stories similar to mine, so I decided to uninstall Babylon completely and forget about them (unable to find the forum again now). Who knows what they were monitoring on my computers? Now I'm happy with the Google translator. It's not perfect at all but at least I can get the meaning of a sentence in Greek.
That was my experience with Babylon. :angry: