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16 March 2009 - 12:51 AM

Hello Judy,

It looks like the reason you haven't had a reply since January is because 'xronia polla' may not be correct in spelling. This sounds close but until I can find out more, this is the greeting for namedays... khroneea pola, means best wishes. The underline indicates an accent. :D

Good Morning = Kaleemera

Good afternoon = Kaleespera

Good night = Kaleeneekhta

Hello = Kherete

Goodbye = Kherete/ Ya sas/ Andeeo

Excuse me = Parakalo (for getting attention)

Sorry = Seeghnomee

Thank you = Efkhareesto (often shortened to 'sto')

Please = Parakalo

Okay = Endaksee

My name is = Leghome - Judy

How are you = pos eese

Try this... Kaleemera Constantine, pos eese?

More later ;)