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#16050 Barrel Dogs In Crete

Posted by Tikanis on 20 November 2009 - 04:55 PM

The improvement of the living conditions of barrel dogs in Crete and the death of lambs and goats from stray dogs were the issues discussed at the Municipality Building of Chania by the members of the Stock Breeders Association of the Chania region and the members of the Animal Friends Association.

It was agreed that dogs should live in real dog houses instead of barrels. The pastoral dogs should be protected from the weather conditions. A dog house itself cannot provide adequate protection from high temperatures and cold and should be placed in the shade, i.e. under a big tree in the summer or any other construction during winter.

There should always be clean and fresh water and food – no raw meat that causes several illnesses harmful for the dog and public health. The food and water containers should be kept clean at all times.

A campaign of raising awareness and informing the stock breeders should be started start by the association, beginning in the main villages. The stock breeders should be informed on the protection offered to animals by the law, the fees and penalties imposed by the law and of course on the animal rights.
Stray dogs in Crete

Everyone accepted that stray dogs attack lambs and goats and cause fiinancial damages to the stock breeders.

It was also agreed that these attacks are not the dogs’ fault; it’s a responsibility of those who abandon them when tired of them or when the animals stop serving “their purpose.” It is also the fault of the State that doesn’t enforce the given laws regarding the placement of electronic IDs on the animals.

The State also doesn’t impose the penalties recognized by the law in the case of abandoned animals, and doesn’t launch educational and informative programs at the schools in order to teach children how to protect the nature, the flora and fauna of their region.

All pertinent bodies should address the State for this issue rather than punishing the animals, which do not bear any responsibility anyway. It was finally agreed that this meeting and cooperation has to continue and improve, because mindsets do not change from one day to the other; constant efforts and rundowns are necessary.

This is the article which is currently appearing in the Crete Gazette. There has been quite a few comments posted from concerned people - what are your thoughts

#16030 Greeks React

Posted by Tikanis on 08 November 2009 - 12:36 PM

Here we go again, how to win friends and influence people.

Lets take up the poison mix it with food and offer it around to the hungry trusting strays. Yet another Crete Street Cleaning and Animal Welfare program commences. It comes all in one neat organized massacre package.- spread the stuff at dusk, collect the bodies at dawn, stuff them (some still alive) into plastic bags throw aboard a pickup and dump them somewhere out of sight...............job well done.

Is this effective Well in many respects it most certainly is, it ensures that even more tourists will think twice about visiting Crete, it increases ill feeling and disrespect for Greece and her people. Oh yes and it maintains Crete's proud boast of being the worst area in the whole of Greece for its appalling record of animal abuse and cruelty.
But is it effective in the control of stray animals?
You tell me, it appears that this barbaric system has to be used more and more frequently and with greater intensity,year on year on year. No longer just at the begining and the end of the tourist seasons but inbetween times too.

There are those amonst us who have their companion animals caught up in this carnage, indiscriminate poisoning doesn't limit its victims to hapless strays.

Gournes November 2009.
A letter of protest written by Greek people and friends who care for animals.

For several years now, a few of us working at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research on the old base in Gournes have taken care of three dogs. One appeared about three years ago, pregnant and frightened. Once she learned that we were friendly, she became loyal, mild-mannered and affectionate. We gave her the name Pastaflora, and found homes for all her puppies. Around the same time, a small male dog appeared. We gave him the name Danny, after the actor Danny deVito, because of his small size. Both dogs became popular at the Centre and employees would often bring leftovers from home. Later, we found a male puppy trapped in a hole just outside the Centre. After we rescued him, he, too, stayed around, and Gastone, as we named him, quickly grew to a large size.
Then Gastone showed signs of poisoning, and the two other dogs were missing. We feared they had all been poisoned, and after searching for hours we found Pastaflora and Danny dead near the Centre. One of the dogs was found in a bag in a field strewn with remains of cats and dogs, probably left there by the criminals who committed many more of these terrible acts of poisoning. Gastone finally survived and is now doing fine. All three dogs were wearing collars; they had all the necessary vaccinations and medical papers, and Pastaflora and Danny were both sterilized so as not to further add to the population of strays in the area.
Unfortunately, this incident is only the latest in a long history of animal cruelty in the area. Killing stray animals is far beyond a matter of education and civilization. It is a crime and people who are killing animals are criminals and they are among us saying hello to everybody.
The Municipality is required by law to provide shelters and neutering for stray animals. Now all the work is being done by a few good men and women on their own initiative, without compensation.
Pet owners refusing to implement some kind of birth control, and then dumping the offspring of their pets in the wild, are making sure that the problem will never go away. Many people think sterilizing an animal is cruel. But the alternative, leaving defenseless kittens and puppies in the wild, is far crueler.
Everyone could do something about stray animals in his or her own way rather than being indifferent!!!
Jon Kristoffersen, Yolanda Koulouri, Wanda Plaiti

These caring Greek people look to obtaining the backing and support from ex pats, they believe that we have the knowledge and the experience which can help them to change things here for the better, sometimes and sadly, I wonder if this is true.


#15709 How Do You React To This?

Posted by Tikanis on 16 August 2009 - 10:53 AM

August 2009 Greece
Young greek lad thinks its hugely funny not only to show just how cruel he can be to an animal but to prove this to his mates by getting one of them to video his cruelty.....................Does this not call for education in schools here to teach children abbout animal respect and care - there is no place for this behaviour and downright cruelty toward a defenceless animal.