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In Topic: How Do You React To This?

21 November 2009 - 01:31 PM


This is an accurate and true account. It is not rare nor is it isolated, and it happened in Crete.

This concerns a bitch about a year old kept by a man who had the dog tethered out of sight of passersby. The dog was close chained in its own accumulated filth and its owner couldn’t give a toss about its welfare. The attention to this dog’s condition was raised by a concerned Greek neighbour who could see the dog from her back garden. She had been trying to get water to the dog using a hosepipe each time her neighbor went out. The dog was covered in hundreds of ticks, indeed, there were so many that they were literally sucking the remaining life blood from this already seriously malnourished animal.
Approaches were made to the owner by a woman who was expressly polite and calm. (Previous attempts to communicate with this man have been made by the neighbor) The response was a string of abusive language and roughly pushed away......

The situation is reported to the police who are indifferent and no action results Two weeks later and by now the animal is an even worse condition, the case was again reported to the police but still there was no response. The case was reported to the local municipality and although they were persuaded to reluctantly log this in their report book their response was, ‘it’s nothing to do with us you must report it to the police’. There was no action from either the municipality or the police and now after 3 weeks the animal can no longer get to its feet. Meantime approaches are made again to the owner and again at all times they were polite and non offensive this resulted again with abuse and bad language, but hey, he then responds................and declares......’you can buy the dog then you can do what you like with it - the price is 600 euro’...........and he slams the door.

Please tell me what you would now do Retired in Crete?

The legal road has been a road to nowhere you have been met with indifference and have been ignored. You have attempted to speak to the owner and have been verbally abused, you know that the dog in the back garden is suffering from extreme neglect and it will die slowly and painfully eventually....it could take several more weeks........
Do you shrug your shoulders and walk away.........because there are no legal alternatives left?
Just asking

In Topic: I Want To Change Things In Crete - Am I Wrong?

17 November 2009 - 04:32 PM

Words of wisdom Granita to Go.

I have received a service second to none for my animals from a very kind efficient and generous vet based in Rethymno. Over the Christmas and New year 2008/2009 4 of our cats were poisoned there was also my Greek friends cat and another neighbours cat affected.

I went back and forth to Rethymno for 10 consecutive days over that period and our vet met me at his surgery every day to give vital fluid treatment and vitamin K injections to the 2 cats which survived.

He visited the village where he was born during the New Year celebrations and then traveled himself 50 miles back to Rethymno to meet up with me. On one of the days the heavens opened as we were leaving the surgery and he proudly presented me with 2 free umbrellas.
I cannot praise this man highly enough, an excellent vet with a big and generous heart. It wouldn't be prudent to advertise his practice here but if anyone out there wants the contact details of a first class vet please contact me by email.

In Topic: How Do You React To This?

15 November 2009 - 11:14 PM

I think you are veering from the topic here.

The comment which you are using in reply to Thalia is mine from another topic..............

If you want to respond to my post concerning the rescue of an animal that’s fine ..............its here.......I Want To Change Things In Crete - Am I Wrong?

In Topic: I Want To Change Things In Crete - Am I Wrong?

14 November 2009 - 03:27 PM

I did not say that I condoned trespass and theft, what I did was to comment on the advice to contact the municipality. Municipalities, in many instances don’t have the infrastructure in place (although required by Greek Law) to cope with any animal situation. Most often the municipality will point you in the direction of the police station. If you can get a report logged it is an achievement if you can get a response it’s a miracle.

The question therefore is what’s the alternative?

Well I think it involves using common sense. I can tell you some of my personal experiences for what it’s worth but action very much depends on the circumstances. I believe that if you feel that the only option left is to break the law then of course you have to be prepared to face up to the possible consequences.

I have rescued quite a few animals pretty well all sorts from a huge pig to dogs, cats, young goats and sheep, newborn goats and birthing mothers, all have involved illegal trespass, some have involved neglect most have resulted in gifts on my doorstep the next day.

I am guilty of stealing a dog that was in such poor condition it could barely stand caused through systematic starving (much the same condition as the dog shown on my petition) I faced up to the owner and I explained why I was taking the dog and where I was taking the dog and the result of that was shamefaced acquiescence. I don’t think that such cases often result in downright opposition and certainly not in threats to prosecute. These types of animal abusers are bullies and cowards and the last thing that they want is their dirty linen washed in public, let’s face it not many people are going to claim ownership of an abused and badly neglected animal.

Strangely enough I committed my worst felony during the summer in the UK when I openly admit to causing criminal damage. No time to call the police or the RSPCA - I broke into a parked car after borrowing a crowbar from a garage. I was just able to save the life of a dog that had been shut inside left with no windows open and the car parked in full sun. I had the dog on the ground dousing it with water when the owner returned....................his car was a wreck. The interior was totally shredded, headlining, seats everything torn to ribbons, the door lock broken and the door panel dented. The owner threw his arms around be and wept with gratitude because I had got his dog out in time.

And to finish on a happy note, but again this involved trespass and almost stealing......

This concerns a huge pig.................tethered by its neck with thick rope which had cut and rubbed deeply into its flesh. The wound was poisonous and gaping and full of flies. I went home phoned a neighbour, asked her to phone the owner of the pig and to tell him to come to his pig immediately it was in trouble. I picked up a sharp knife and hurried back to the pig and carefully cut the rope.
Once free the pig took off up the mountain track and it was only at that point that a fleeting thought crossed my mind – whoops this is going to cost.........I yelled after the disappearing pig, ella, ella and to my complete and utter amazement the pig stopped and turned and came back to me.........I led it to a small church yard took it inside closed the gate and sat on the wall until the pigs owner arrived some 45 minutes later.
I didn’t need to explain why I had cut the animal free it was obvious and the owner was very shamefaced. It isn’t possible that he hadn’t seen the large wound. He had simply chosen to ignore it. News travels fast and people in the village gave him some stick as he passed them leading his pig. He was literally shamed into response. The wound was treated and the pig re homed in a compound which did not require it to be tethered................................
Perfect solution.


In Topic: Unsold Flats And Detached Houses In Greece

04 November 2009 - 02:11 AM

Crete and its water – No it is no longer abundant and shortages and long cuts in supplies are suffered more and more frequently in the many villages situated away from the villas by the sea.
Yes it is exported to Cyprus, but what does that tell you, the workings of political minds are often dumbfounding. Then again countries export many items and goods which are in great demand in their own countries but if the price is right elsewhere that’s where the goods go.

There have been real efforts to get farmers in Crete to accept different standards of water, the good stuff for homes and recycled stuff of a lower standard for agricultural watering, along with an encouraging discount for the use of this water. Several attempts have been made to gain acceptance for this idea – so far the response has been a resounding NO.

There have been huge investments in new dams up in the mountains I imagine that these wouldn’t be necessary if it was a fact that water in Crete was sustainable. This used to be so but it is definitely no longer the case. There are vast underground natural reservoirs which used to be maintained at high levels by winter rainfalls, these are now way below the levels of just a few years ago. The winter rains here are not as heavy or sustained as they were when I first moved, that’s not so long ago, and I have really noticed this. Talk to any farmer and they shake their heads and look to the blue skies above with disbelief.............Water sprinkling systems are bursting forth all over the place because now even olive trees are not able to manage the summer with underground reserves and need assistance

I think in the face of this that individual swimming pools it is an extravagant waste of good water. Water which could be put to much more sensible use - to service homes. It seems to me that it would make more sense to sell higher priced water for this use. Sea water may be the thing. A whole new business enterprise could be started one which would not be vastly expensive to set up. Why not drain the sea and distribute it around the island in little tankers specifically for privately owned pools. This wouldn’t deny anyone the ownership or use of their own pool but it would and should deny the use of good water for this purpose. And, what the hell most of us live but a short trip from the abundance of natural bathing places, it’s hardly life threatening to forgo the ownership of a private pool or should they desire pay extra to service such amenities.