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Mike Esson

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Living In Crete

15 December 2008 - 09:44 PM

Hello Eoin, I'm pretty sure your right. I haven't actually given this residence topic much thought because we haven't decided on moving to Crete permanently. My work keeps me connected to Olomouc by means of income, tax, national insurance etc so we're looking at a 9 month trial period without ruling out a longer stay though. Robbie will be officially attending a Czech school by means of the magic internet / home study programme whilst attending a greek kindergarten with his younger brother Danny so we'll be living with one foot in each country for the timebeing. I advise you get help from an accountant / legal adviser regards national insurance and pension schemes etc. I gave up my British national insurance contributions 15 years ago so I can't return there pleading poverty despite holding a British passport. All my contributions are in the Czechlands so this is worth looking at even though few of us like looking so far into the future. I'll be in Crete around the beginning of the new year so keep any questions coming and I can ask the new friends i know just to get a slightly bigger picture. Come to think of it, I'm sure there are people on this blog who can help you much more as I'm still in the beginners pool. Good luck with your cousins. Talking about the states, there are friends from Texas and New Mexico thinking of joining us next year for artistic inspiration. Keep in touch. Cheers

Fine Arts In Rethynmo

13 November 2008 - 01:12 PM

Just returned from an inspirational trip along the old road from Rethymno to Iraklio. Around september 2009 Katka, Robbie , Danny and I are planning to move to 1 of the following 3 villages : Panormo, Sisses or Fodele. I will be busy painting and teaching so would love to meet up with like-minded people. If you take part in the fine arts then please contact me as I envision a few group Art shows in the island's 3 main cities as well as smaller towns. I represent the UVUO fine arts union of the Czechlands which is interested in bringing the 2 countries closer together through shows no matter what the artist's origin.
I am a 38 year old painter who has found this island a great place for cycling and producing work reflecting the country's light, rock formations as well as the people themselves. Here's a small sample of my work which i hope is allowed in a non commercial way as my main concern is joining up with similar fine artists. This doesn't mean to say that i only appreciate abstract painting. My delight in the visual arts stretch from El Greco to Jean Claude Basquiat.
Cheers, Mike from BikeArt

Time For A Drink?

27 October 2008 - 10:13 AM

I'm Mike Esson from Olomouc, the Czechlands and am cycling around western Crete from the 1st to 7th november. I'm in persuit of the dream home which should accomodate the 4 of us, Katka my wife, Robbie George ( 6 ) and Danny James ( 4 ). We would love advice on a non-touristy village within 8 kms of the coast where we could immerse ourselves in the Crete culture. I'm a painter and translator which gives me the opportunity to put bread on the table without journeying to the factory every day. Nevertheless i'd like to put my english teaching quals. to use by engaging in voluntary / symbolically paid work in a local school which wouldn't normally have the possibility / budget to accomodate a language teacher. This is in order to really get to know the local community and even sow the seeds of an unofficial bartering process.
If you know of an establishment which may invite my skills / input, i'd be duely grateful. Our vision is moving to Crete in sept. 2009 for minimum stay ( renting accomodation ) of 1 year which will hopefully evolve even into decades.
If our tracks have the possibility of meeting then i'd love to meet up with you folks whether it's an afternoon coffee chat or a good sit-down accompanied by a local speciality. I'm hitting the road from Heraklion on my raleigh with tent and an open mind. I'm an optimist with a little realism thrown in. Cheers, Mike

Czech,british And American Invasion

22 October 2008 - 07:55 PM

The topic title is a little misleading I'd say. We're a harmless bunch of individuals ( 3 generations from the age of 3 to sixty something ) looking at settling around the Rethymnon / Chania ( possibly Hora Sfakion ) area for a year onwards but hopefully much longer. I'm Mike, a 38 year old Scot who , like many Scots has spent only around 20% of his life in his actual home country. I'm cycling around the island this november looking for the ideal base camp. I'm a painter and english teacher planning on contributing to a local community through art and language. My companions belong to the artistic, spiritual and linguistic fields hoping to do likewise without imposing their own culture too strongly on fellow neighbours. My wife Katka is a wonderful mother who is looking forward to a different scene in comparison to her native Olomouc city. Our boys Robbie George (6) and Danny James (4) are extremely adaptable and take on any change of scene with zest. The remaining part of our group are similar sorts with the dream of immersing oneselves in a small non-touristy village culture whilst struggling with the beautiful greek language. Any ideas about where i should peddle my trusty 15 year old raleigh ? I would be extremely grateful for any ideas or opportunities for a chat. Best regards and cheers, Mike Esson and family / friends.

Bikeart In Crete

16 October 2008 - 05:00 PM

Greetings from the city of olomouc, the Czechlands. I'm Mike and i'm planning on moving to Crete in august 2009 with Katka my wife, Robbie George ( son 6 ), Danny James ( 4 ) and possibly my close friends Tom and Beth. Tom and I are painters and envision industrious production coinciding with European shows in which we're currently involved in. I'm an english teacher by trade and would like to involve myself in the local community by doing paid / voluntary work in this sphere as well. I would be extremely grateful if any of you could give me a little advice on general living and also with regards to accomodation rented on yearly contracts. We would like a modest village dwelling with space for art studio approx 3 to 8 kms from the north west coast. I'll be cycling around the island first week this november so it would be great to meet you personally.
Looking forward and cheers, Mike Esson