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11 December 2008 - 01:15 PM

After just returning from Crete I remember chatting to local people about security etc and my feelings are relatively opptimistic. Before visiting i read reports about a crime wave from the Balkans infecting the island. I imagined dirty bunches of individuals on the prowl making life difficult for tourists wishing to camp / sleep under the stars in the open countryside as i do myself. After meeting many Greeks and Balkan Europeans alike, i was pleasantly surprised how there is a healthy acceptance between each other. I'm not sure if my situation was typical, but i nevertheless heard nice stories about how hardworking and earnest the Serbs, Bulgarians and Albanians were. If a number of visitors are in Crete for the wrong reasons then i imagine the 1st people glad to see the back of them will be fellow nationals livid about them harming their good work. These meeting took place around Rethymno so i'd be interested to see if other parts of the island have had different experiences.
Village people i met take pride in not taking securuty measures except for the most important one. This being community spirit where people look after each other in a non-obtrusive way.
Looking forward to putting down home from home roots when we move in sept.2009, Mike, Katka, Robbie and Danny from Olomouc, Czechlands.