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In Topic: Churches

11 April 2011 - 07:34 PM

Buy the Blue Guide. It usually tells you where the key is.

In Topic: Summer House Rental On Crete?

20 July 2010 - 09:08 PM

We've done it a few times but always through an agency

We stayed in Stavros with Simply Crete at Artemis Apartments. I don't think Simply go there any more


Next time we were in Ton Mari in Paleochora


Nothing wrong with it, but wouldn't stay there again

We stayed in Alianthos at Tersana and I really like it


(those last two were through Simply as well)

We then switched our allegiance to Freelance and stayed in the Harbour apartments in Paleochora


(this is my pick of the lot)

We stayed with them in the Hotel marina village at the other end of the island


and lastly we went to Chania at Easter one year and stayed on the Harbour- also through Freelance


Hope this helps

In Topic: East Crete Virgin Needs Help!

21 February 2010 - 04:11 PM

You should walk down the gorge to Zakros from Kato Zakros. You need to see the palace there. see the palace at Palekastro too. The monastery at Toplou is worth spending time on. Unless you are off season DON'T go to Vai.

In Topic: Map Of Crete For Hiking

14 February 2010 - 11:03 PM

I don't think there is a good one online. there is barely a good paper one. Try the Harms series. They split the island east-west and are based on the German Army's from the war. Best I've found yet.

In Topic: Please Help!

31 January 2010 - 02:35 PM

Laura, Malia is the drunken Brits place. Probably OK if you're 18. Hellish if you're not.

Heronissos is a half way house and has a lot to do too. 18 or otherwise.

The "big" cities Chania, Rethymnon, Iraklion and Sitia all have areas of youthful mayhem- Gerani, and Georgioupolis, for Chania and Rethymnon, and the towns are nice too. Iraklion I know less well, and Sitia, is much smaller so everything a bit less. Elounda and Ag Nik are the grown up versions of Herionissos- some bits very expensive, but for sure not all.

There are some fabulous places to chill on the beach with a few cafes and tavernas and maybe one or two clubs all along the south coast (were it me at 18, I'd pick one of those, but Not everyone is as boring as I am/was). Most places of any size run day trips on mini buses to the big sites/sights, but you can do it cheaper and, IMHO more fun, by public bus.

Do have a look at Paleochora's web site, before you decide on one of the buzzy places on the north coast.