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East Crete Tips

24 August 2008 - 12:24 PM

Hello people of explore crete!
First of all: sorry for my English, cause I'm from Italy!

I read this forum from years, since my first trip to Crete. I've been 3 times to Crete:
2003 > 1 week: Elounda > visited some beaches around, Lassithi plateu, and Chrissi island.
2004 > 2 weeks: West Crete > visited Balos, Falasarna, Elafonissi, Paleachora, Chania.
2006 > 2 weeks: South Crete > visited Kalamaki, Komos, Matala, Plakias, Loutro, Preveli and some other area around.

Now we want to come back to Est Crete, about from 15 to 30 September. So I'd like to see more of that area, like the beaches near Sitia area, Vai (just to say "Yes I've seen it") and so on.

I'd like to kindly ask you if you have tips about the most beautiful beaches that you've seen in this area, like some secret off the beathen beach. Yes, I know that some are listed in the "beaches" section of the main site explorecrete.com, but want to know if anyone have been there so can report a "true experience"...

For example, I don't see a very good beach (that's my "secret" for agios nikolaos - elounda area!), that I found in elounda: you have to go at the end of the road on the est side of the port (where there is a restaurant that is like a "boat" on the water, with many "fountains" by sides that fall down the water to the sea) and continue. You will find two little bridges (one made of stones!) and then turn right. Go up the hill and park on top. Go down by foot...and WOW! Shallow crystal clear water, with many little fishes that try to bit you! But at about 10.30 and 12.00 two or three boats come from elounda port, full of people! And there's not so many space to stay because there's only about 2 meter of sand, but there ropes on the other side where you can stay. So if you want to enjoy it, go there early!

And I like very much the picture of this beach, but never been yet:
Posted Image
anyone knows where exactly is it, please? Think is located at Istro, but still don't know how to get there by car...

And for last thing, please tell me the names of you favorite tavernas in the area... we like pure cretain tavernas, so no tourist places, but those ones where cretain people go to eat! We LOVE cretain food, but like it was once upon a time...
I know the best way to find these taverna is to take a road up the hills, find a little town and see if there is one, better if full of local people!

Thanks for any answer, cheers.
Alex from Venice - Italy