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In Topic: East Crete Tips

26 August 2008 - 11:48 AM

Oh, Tim thanx again! I missed that part of the site...! (well maybe I saw it months ago, but didn't remember it)
you wise man :P

Julie many thanks for the tips! Surely we'll go visit that beach, but don't know if we'll go till Xerocambos... it's a little bit too far, and I think very isolated from the rest of the island... but I suppose it to be a wonderful and peaceful place! :D

Minotaurus > what do you mean? sorry I don't understand... :D

In Topic: East Crete Tips

25 August 2008 - 02:20 PM

Many thanks for the answers to Tim (I'm embarassed :D but never tried Google earth...!) and to Yvonne.
It seems a very beautiful beach! I think there are no rocks on the ground and the water is shallow at the begin, can you confirm this Yvonne?

Untill my departure time (21 sept, counting down the days!) I'll keep checking this thread for answers, if anyone has something to say about my questions.

In particoular, nothing to say about tavernas?
Tell me, please, which is, in your opinion, the best taverna in lassithi region? :P

@ chris, happy to hear you! :D check your mail box :D