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Hi Crete:)

12 June 2008 - 04:26 PM


I am Natalia, I live in Bristol but I am from Málaga, beautiful place in the south of Spain. I am a translator of Greek, English, French and Spanish and I also teach Spanish as a foreign language. I have decided to leave England after a few years in order to start a new life in Greece. I don't really want to live in Athens or Thessaloniki, where I would have more job opportunities. I am looking for a beautiful place, with authentic people, not very big nor too small, and with generally good weather, good food, plenty of dancing and music (especially greek and belly dancing!) and slightly mad people, so the equation seems to be Crete! I lived in Greece before (I was 21 then, now I'm 27), but this island is basically new for me. I guess it will be difficult at the beginning, but hopefully I won't regret my decision. I will be there in 2 months, god I am so nervous about the whole thing :)



Moving To Crete In September

09 June 2008 - 10:28 AM


I am a Spaniard who has spent the last 4 years in the UK and is desperately missing the sun and the sea. I am a translator and teacher of modern languages. I speak Greek (used to live in Athens and Patras a few years ago), so I thought: why don't you just go back to beautiful Greece? I don't really want to live in Athens or Thessaloniki, and my instinct tells me Crete could be ideal for me. I have been in contact with a few languages schools based in Iraklion and they seem to be interested, we'll see. I have thousands of questions, but to start with I need to know where I shall stay, I mean what area. I'd love to be in Haniá but I realised I'd have more opportunities in the capital. Can anyone recommend a particular area/neighbourhood? I'm afraid I don't know the place :) I need some help please!