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Samaria Gorge

11 June 2008 - 12:51 AM


Im going to spend the next two weeks on Crete but since my family is comming along i only get two days alone to hike in the mountains and have thought out a nice round-trip in the Lefka Ori mountains.

Ill take the bus from Chania to Omalos and walk straight east from there and turn south, pass the Svourichti refuge and head to the Pachnes peak, and return to the refuge for the night. Next day my plan was to go down the Samaira gorge, but here my problem starts.

I find some information about alternative entrypoints to the Samaria Gorge, from Poria in the east, but on all of the maps i have gotten hold of it dosent show any paths leading down to the gorge from the north-east.

So here is my question im hoping anybody here can help me with.

Is there any way of entering the gorge from the north-east comming from the Svourichti refuge without having to go back to Xisoskalo?

regards from Norway

Ronny H