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Hello From Lithuania

16 May 2008 - 06:07 PM

Hi everybody,

thought it's best to introduce myself and my experience with Greece before jumping in to general forum and start asking noob's questions :)

So, me and my man, both from Vilnius (Lithuania) first went to Greece in 2006 by hitch-hiking. The goal of the 3 weeks on the road was Meteora - amazing place that we'd definitely like to get back to again one day. To be honest, I didn't like Greece itself at that first time. Nature was amazing, but this "something in the air" was not right for me. Just like the olives which many many years ago I tasted for the first time and said that "would never put this in my mouth again".

But there's something in those olives that makes you curious and wanting to try once more. So in October 2007 while searching for the "last minute" tickets, Greece caught my eyes again. Was planning to get a trip to Crete (and it was when I discovered this forum), but since they had no space left on the plane, we were offered a trip to Rhodes. And spent amazing week there :) Hitch-hiking and searching for less crowded places really gave us a chance to see amazing spots.

And at the moment we're getting ready to explore Crete B) Already have a trip booked for the next week.

Continuing this olive metaphor from my experience - first you hate them, then you love them, then you cannot live without them.. I guess that with Greece it's the same story for me :rolleyes: Of all the countries visited there's only few that I really want to come back to again, and again.. And I feel that Greece is on the list already.

By the way, having a chance to do so, I'd like to thank again all people who stopped and gave us a lift on both journeys! :)