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The Three Villages

01 October 2008 - 04:43 PM

Got back on the 24sep should have been 23rd but that is another story, stayed in Koutouloufari, last time there 2000, it hasnt change much afew more tavernas and a few bars that have been upgraded, on the road to Piskopiano alot more tavernas and apartments which dont look out of place they blend in. Piskopiano on the other hand,first time there was in 1991, what are they doing to the village,they have knocked down old greek houses and put up Irish bars and sports bars blasting out all kinds of music not my taste if i want an Irish or English bar i will stay in that country.In the back streets you can still see old pisko, but a lot of the houses where the old ladies who were dressed in black sat outside are being left to fall down, nobody must have wanted to take them on after the deaths of the ladies, i bet i can guess what will happen, met old friends in the Elgony app Nickos and family they made us most welcome stayed with them for a few hours.From pisko to Old Hersonissos not much changed only a large supermarket a bit cheaper than the others,Old Hersonissos not changed at all still the same as 1991, spent a few hours in the square in the taverna next to the paper kiosk, cheap drink and the owner kept giving us little bits to eat a very nice place. Now the thing they all have in common is traffic at times in Koutouloufari we drunk in the Mythos bar in the centre at the top of the hill and at times it was grid locked, cars, taxis, quad bikes, scooters anythink that had wheels went on the road to the three villages at times you took your life in your hands, what gets me is there is nowhere to park or very little, so they are not stopping and spending.Those roads where only made for two donkeys to pass, can not wait for Wims comment Rod. will try and upload photos in gallery been trying all afternoon put some on here

See You At Man Airport Poppypiper

08 September 2008 - 03:05 PM

;) See you at the Airport Bill we have to check in 3hrs before,for the flight at 5am so we will be there early no sleep to night Rod


09 April 2008 - 06:16 PM

Has anybody seen or owns a Staffordshire bullterrier, I have only ever seen one in all the places I have been to in Greece and that was in Lefkas. It had its ears spiked, didn't looked nice at all, it is illegal in GB, and so it should be.The staffy didnt looked to pleased aswell, im only asking because i have a staffy called cassie my second one. A good site for Staffy owners is Staffybullterrors.co.uk

Rosebay App

02 April 2008 - 07:36 PM

does this face ring a bell he had a house, villa near georgioupoli? near a lake, year a bout 2004 he is at the end on right with red face and tash. lady with black hair worked in the bar name esmay rosebay app near sfakaki

South East Crete

02 April 2008 - 05:05 PM

will be in Crete in sep, thinking of going to the other side of crete over the mountains have drive to diktaion antron the cave where zeus was born, been before, a good climb up to the cave and a good climb down will give the cave a miss this time, so any info on were eles to go is it worth visiting the coastal resorts, or any other villages.