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Gerakani/gerakari ?

10 June 2008 - 11:41 AM


In my search for the civiliam war memorials of Crete I am finding it difficult to figure out the locations of some of them. I have two photographs of different memorials. On is in GERAKANI and the other in GERAKARI. Can anyone enlighten me.
I can pinpoint Gerakari in the Amaris Valley but can not find Gerakani. Records are very sketchy and I do not know if the memorials are pre WW2 or not.
Bill Jenkins

Civilian War Memorials

23 May 2008 - 01:56 PM

I have decided that my next 'war graves pilgrimage' will not be to the graves of soldiers, sailors and airmen who died in past conflicts. On September the 9th 2008, I will be embarking on a lone pilgrimage to seek out the memorials dedicated to the Cretan people who once stood up and shouted "NO SURRENDER". It is my intention to quietly traverse the island of Crete playing my pipes in tribute to the men, women and children whose sacrifice won for me the freedom to travel through Crete in peace. One of those children was the same age as myself when our homes were bombed He died and I survived.
I hope to place a wreath at each location I visit.

I am 73 years of age and although I am an ex Royal Marine, I do not belong to ANY association. I plan my world wide war graves pilgrimages alone and strive to draw attention to the debt we owe.

My journey through Crete will rely on the practical help I get now from those who live in the areas I want to visit. As time passes there seems to be a reluctance to cling onto the past in favour of embracing the euro. Perhaps when people like me have passed on the past can be forgotten and we will no be an embarrasment.


In the meantime I would like help in finding the exact location of some thirty civiliam memorials. I would appreciate any help in locating the actual memorials in: Ano Viannos. Amiras. Kato Symi. Myrtos. Zaros. Vorizia. Ano Meros. Melambes. Amari. Gerakari. Vrisses. Koxari. Preveli. Asi Gonia. Chora Sfakia. Kallikratis. Koustogerako. Elos. Vathi. Vattollakos. Alikanos. Laki. Panagia. I am sure there are many more..

Bill Jenkins

Civilian War Memorials

19 April 2008 - 09:15 AM


I am researching into the names/locations of Crete civilians who died in The Battle FOR Crete. I would like to visit the less well known memorials. Can you help ?