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#13888 In The Footsteps Of Heroes

Posted by poppypiper on 18 April 2008 - 04:32 PM

I can not believe my luck. I have been promising myself a return to Suda Bay War Cemetery since 1986. In November 2007 I decided I would keep that promise and began researching. The the information I had was sketchy. In the past I had attended ceremonies all over the world dedicated to Commonwealth troops.
In my research I became very impressed with the 'forgotten army' of Crete - the civilians. I felt I now had to find the smaller, less visitied memorials dedicated to the Cretan civilians who died in The Battle FOR Crete. That battle lasted well after the actaual military conflict which has been so well documented.. The information in this forum promises to help me no end.

My pilgrimage will be made well after the usual May celebrations and will be simply that of a 73 year old piper playing his laments in a way of saying "Thank You" to those who died that he may have the freedom to travel as he does today. I know there are numerous memorials throughout Crete.

I am now researching the locations of the smaller memorials and would appreciate any help. I DO NOT ASK FOR OR ACCEPT ANY FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIP FOR MY WORLD WIDE WAR GRAVES PILGRIMAGES. I will be arriving in Hereklion on the 2nd. September 2008 and will stay a few days in a hotel whilst planning my final itinerary. I will then take each day as it comes. I know for sure I will be in Anno Viannos for the 14th and probably spend my last few days in Chora Sfakia but where I go in between is in God's hands.

I do not want any fuss or undue ceremony but should any bump into me on my travels thay are welcome to join me in my humble tributes.

Bill Jenkins