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16 February 2008 - 01:47 AM

Good or Bad ratios??

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Possible Cheaper Route To Crete

13 February 2008 - 11:59 PM

I've just been checking fares to Crete, was looking at the fares quoted for UK to Athens and I looked at Aer Lingus fares Dublin to Athens and they are much cheaper in a lot of cases.

I posted some prices on the Aegean thread but it may be worth your while at least checking out flying from your destination to Dublin and then to Athens!

There are lots of UK airports serving Dublin, so it may be worth checking the website aerlingus.com and fly from your most convenient airport to Athens via Dublin OR possibly check their fares direct from UK to Athens too!

If you look at fares to Dublin and then look for fares to Athens you might be liable for 2 sets of taxes but there is a multicity option which could even be cheaper or subject to 1 set of tax!!

Anyway, play away with possible flight dates and see what you think!

Starts 30th March to Athens.

Property Market

02 February 2008 - 02:36 AM

Hi Everyone.

At present I am just researching property in Crete. There is a program on the local radio station which brought up the topic of House prices in Crete. The people involved are returning home in order to look after their elderly parents here and have been trying to sell their house for over a year without success to date.

They mentioned that the market for 2nd hand houses has fallen badly in the last few years and most buyers are buying new, even then they said the new properties are getting harder to sell due to their being so many for sale at present.

Hopefully there will be someone on this forum who could verify or contradict that the market is difficult at present.

In general are secondhand properties selling well?

I also read elsewhere about several English people wanting to return to the UK and that they were finding it hard to find a buyer and this radio program is saying much the same.

Is this the situation at present?



09 January 2008 - 12:59 AM

Hello everyone, just joined this forum, looks very interesting, good information etc.

We are hoping to buy a property in Crete but our main priority is finding schools for our 10 y.o. son as he does not speak Greek.

I know of one school in Heraklion that teaches through English, are there any others in Crete?

We have absolutely no problem with him learning Greek (then he can teach us ;) !!) but we do not want to put him under pressure by being taught through Greek.

Also. does anyone have any information about the quality of the school in Heraklion?

I have their web and email address but would welcome comments via PM or on the forum.